With all the publicity on cycling in the Advertiser over the past couple of days, I felt inspired to video some of my ride to work. I have published a clip on youtube showing the way in which one is forced to bolt for your life from where the bike lane ends at the Shudholz/NE road intersection to the next segment of bicycle lane several hundred meters along NE Road. Check it out at

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Comment by Luke on October 28, 2009 at 19:43
Well done David. Anything that shows these things from a cyclist's perspective is a good thing.

On my ride home from work I go straight through that intersection past Holden Hill Police Station. Unfortunately the bike lane does not continue on Sudholz/Darley/Newton/St Bernards Rd at all. The section immediately after the lights in front of the Police Station is probably the most dangerous on my ride home.

For this intersection and others that have disappearing bike lanes I'm thinking of taking some advice I read on the 'net somewhere. Instead of bolting through when the lights change I'm going to sit back and sneak through with the last few cars. Hopefully they'll all be ahead of me by the time I get through the intersection and I won't be squeezed between the gutter and the tin tops. Of course this will attract other hazards if I'm too slow.
Comment by Gus on October 28, 2009 at 20:40
Thanks David.

I am lucky to be able to ride using Linear Park all the way to Collinswood at NE Rd, but I did a longer training ride to work yesterday and experience this section of road first hand... actually the road all the way from Grand Junction to Collinswood and while not a lot of it is good you have highlighted the worst bit.

Then there is the bit you have highlighted before where the bike lane just ends to make way for the pub that sticks out into NE Rd at Windsor Gardens.

And Luke, St Bernards Rd is not as busy but is really narrow and crap. I prefer now to go slightly further out of my way using Glynburn Rd of I'm heading to Magill.
Comment by Jeff Marsland on October 29, 2009 at 13:31
Well, this scenario could be echoed a 1000 times all over Adelaide, I'm sure.
This could be radical but I'm starting to think that bike lanes on roads have no use at all. I notice that they only appear when there is no danger of them actually encroaching on motor vehicle lanes. Where there is no room, i.e. where it's the most hazardous, they disappear. As well as that, what message does it give to motorists when the lane disappears: that bikes shouldn't be using that part of the road?
Having said that, motorists treat there own kind with the same disdain. Just watch them as the fight over who's going to be first going from double lanes into a single lane....
Comment by David Bowler on October 29, 2009 at 14:41
It is certainly true that the government often put in the bike lanes in where there was probably enough room anyway. That way the Premier can stand up and say look at all the kms of bike lane they have installed for the price of some paint. That said, most of the time it still does improve safety where the lane exists by providing a defined road space, such as going past parked cars where you can ride on the right of the lane hopefully out of reach of car doors. I certainly feel safer when there is a bike lane and even the peak hour only bike lanes still define the road space even outside the hours (although you often have to deal with parked cars). Having got the lanes in for some of the distance, and the point in making the video is to try and get the government to plug the gaps, which really would provide a safer option.
Comment by David Bowler on October 29, 2009 at 14:42
Note AdelaideNow has now put up the video, so hopefully a few more people may become aware of the issue.
Comment by JDL on October 31, 2009 at 22:29
I also ride along NE Road to work. Turning right at that intersection like you have to looks a bit hairy, good idea doing the hook turn. I come straight through on NE Road though, heading to town, I don't find that interesction too bad. I actually find it worse coming the other way heading home... I agree going past the Windsor sticking out on the road is a bit dangerous. Not sure about purposely rocking etc as you take off. I generally do the opposite, vear slightly left as I take off (and clip in) so I'm actually out of the lane near the pedestrian crossings, let the first few car by as I'm accelerating and then ease back across (looking) before I get to the other side...
Comment by JDL on November 5, 2009 at 19:41
What the hell have they done to NE Road, between OG and Mullers Rd (heading away from town)?! They've gouged away all the bitumen on the side of the road... Can't ride in that, not on a road bike anyway.. I hope they fix it soon, I think that was one of the few sections with a bike lane previously....
Comment by David Bowler on November 5, 2009 at 19:53
I presume they are going to resurface the whole road. The bike lane going over the rise between Ascot Ave and OG rd was like a goat track and while they have not put the line markings back, it certainly a lot smoother now. I am just hoping when the put the lines in that we get a bike lane all the way from Ascot Ave rather than having to squeeze in with the traffic for 100m to the start of the bike lane.
Comment by David Bowler on November 24, 2009 at 22:11
Seems we have had one improvement from the road works - the bicycle lane on NE now extends a back to the intersection of NE Road and OG RD when heading out of town. We just need to get the other half dozen black spots fixed and more people may see NE route as a viable cycling route into the city from the North East.

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