Three Peaks Challege - 18 days to go!

Not much happening in the training stakes, although a number of people have offered their opinions on my ability to complete the ride (thanks for all the positive support you guys!). 70kms on a mostly flat ride last Sat morning (up Belair Rd, down Shepherds Hill, then down past Hallets Cove and back home via Henley Beach). I saw a bunch of the CVSA guys heading out of Glenelg and waved madly at them. I think AVO spotted me, but everyone else had the look of "Who the hell is that waving at us???" I'm guessing the bunch was out training for the Square to Square ride which is also on soon. If you havent heard about it, head over to Square2Square and donate some money to a good cause while supporting the riders in their attempt to ride from Melbourne to Adelaide against the prevailing winds.


Tuesday - 40km round trip to Mt Lofty with the TMMLM group - Zimm Zamm, easytiger and me this week. Absolutley freezing cold up on Mt Lofty. This La Nina weather pattern is really messing with "summer" riding. Its also getting close to daylight saving change over so its dark all the way to the bollards and pretty dim all the way to Mt Lofty. I even put my winter front light on my road bike (a big old Nite Stick with extra heavy NiCad batteries) to light the way.


I've been having some email discussions with Bicycle Victoria about the food provisions for the 3 Peaks. The entry fee is $250 so you might expect to get the royal treatment in the food department. Instead they are planning on only providing energy bars and gels (the now infamous Cadel Whinger Bars and Gels) at a few rest stops, plus lunch at the half way mark. The problem I have with this is a. the food stops should be much more regular and b. they should offer food other than bars and gels which many people (like me) will either have never tried or will dislike so much they wont eat at all. So that leaves some people (like me) with having to send food on ahead to the two designated food pick-up areas. I dont mind doing this (and will send off dates, museli bars, those liquid brekkie things and some snakes/jelly beans) but it seems strange to **have** to do it when you are already paying $250. I suggested to BV that for relatively little cost they could also provide fruit cake, sweet biscuits (Arnotts Assorted or similar), those tetra packs of juice (apple and orange being good ones) and maybe bananas if they havent reached $15 a kilo. This is the kind of stuff you get on all the BikeSA rides that everyone raves about and the Ride Like Crazy and is much more palatable to non-pro-riders like me. The last email I got from them suggests that they are at least thinking about it "Thanks for your email. We are currently looking into additional food options as per your suggestion and hope we can cater for you on the day." which is good news.



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Comment by David Gardiner on February 23, 2011 at 19:02
Chapeau to you for doing this: I can tell you (unofficially) that the fruit cake from the Bike SA rides comes from Foodworks (?black and gold label) and is proper it right that the degani 3 peaks has a sweeper and a maximum time allowed for each sector?  I worked out the climbing rate and decided discretion was the better part of valour at that point. One day though....
Comment by Dahondude on February 23, 2011 at 19:47
Thanks David. Yep I do believe they may be instigating a time cut off this year after last year when people were dragging their sorry, wet, hypothermic arses in the dark with no lights. Agreed that cake is probably the el cheapo variety but its all about the carbs, and even the cheap stuff is packed full of carbs in one form or another. Interesting that BikeSA have just released their food plans for the Coast to Coast..they are also starting to push bars and gels this time and dropping back on cake and biscuits and also not supplying any bananas (although no bananas is easy to explain when the price goes up by 3-5 time normal price). Maybe the feedback they are all getting is that more and more people want bars and gels and less and less people want cake, biscuits, fruit and fruit juice?
Comment by Davidtcr on February 23, 2011 at 20:17

It's probably time for an update on my training for the 3 Peaks, which is generally going ok. Saturday I did a 215km ride, however here in Sydney it was hot and humid, plus I had only just flown back from Perth on Friday night, so it wasn't an easy ride. I drank over 6 litres of fluid and still lost a couple of kilos body weight by the time I finished. As a result the last 50 km or so were very slow and I felt like crap the rest of the weekend.

Sunday I dropped the bike into the LBS; mainly to get a new Q Rotor (elliptical) chain ring fitted. but also for a pre-event service. I fitted the large Q Rotor ring a few weeks ago, however the crank needs to be taken out to fit the small ring, and I don't have the tools for this. I must say I have found the Q Rotor very good, it really does seem much smoother than a standard chain ring, and my legs feel much better with it.

Other than that it has just been the standard commute into work (60km round trip with one reasonable hill), this weekend the plan is for another 200km on Saturday followed by a 1 hour crit on Sunday before heading down to Adelaide for the week. I've got myself a single speeder to keep there, so I will be able to get some rides in, even if they will be flat (City to Outer Harbour).

As for food, personally I find the Winner bars and gels pretty good, so I am quite happy with them, although last year they were given out at every stop, so I am a bit disappointed that they have cut down to only some stops. I agree that a bit of variety would be good though.

Comment by David Gardiner on February 23, 2011 at 22:56

Davidtcr, thanks for the update - gives me an indicator of where I need to be next year: never likely to be able to commute to work on a bike, so pre and post-work rides it shall be plus weekends where possible.  Pictures required for these Rotor Q-rings...

PS 2 bucks a banana right now in Woolies: ouch!

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