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I've written before about how the seeds of this cycling community was not my own. I was inspired by Adelaide and its love of all things the bike but also the communities of Sydney and Melbourne Cyclist.

DamienM - the CreatorWhat we have in common is all sites are built using social communities. What Sydney and Melbourne have in common is they were created by a cyclist called DamienM. He started co-created Melbourne and created Sydney. He is the grandfather of cycling communities in Australia!

Now he has moved north again, this time to Brisbane and you can guess the rest... No doubt if I did a check of I would find he owns Darwin, Perth, Canberra and Hobart. (actually there is a Canberra).

So if you know of any cyclists in Brisbane let them know about the community and help it explode and to acknowlege the work and passion of DamienM.. even though I can't fathom cycling in Brisbane.. to humid, too many tunnels, the river...

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