Lack of Motivation...what to do?

Over the last few weeks i have noticed my lack of motivation and enthusiasm to get on my bike increasing. I love exercise and enjoy the freedom of riding but i find it difficult to actually get out the door. There are a couple of times during the week where i will ride home from the office if my wife has a late appointment but that is more because i HAVE to not necessarily because i WANT to. im not sure why i am at this point. When i was training for my first TDU ride this year it was great...i think it was because i had a goal in mind and that kept me on track. this year i was pumped to complete the GS series but due to other reasons i didnt register for it. I then missed out on the velo adelaide ride this past weekend. I seem to be making a lot of excuses for not getting out there...oh it is too windy...ill just go to the gym or on the trainer...anything.

Has anyone else faced a lack of enthusiasm or motivation to get out on their bike? i would love to hear how to just get over this!

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Comment by Juz on March 19, 2012 at 9:32

I think you nailed it with your comment about not having any specific goals. It's so much easier to get moving when you know why you're doing it and you're aiming for something specific.  Goals don't have to be huge either, just each month, set a new challenge for yourself: beat your time up Lofty by x-many seconds; do your first x-many km ride; do x-many rides per month (or x-many kms)...

Or aim a bit more long term: plan to register for the 200km grand slam and set yourself to the training necessary to acocmplish this by ... whenever it's going to be held.

OR, join a social riding group - nothingl ike knowing people will be out there when you go to ride. If it wasn't for Gawler Wheelers, do you REALLY think I'd be up at 5am every Saturday to drive all the way up there to ride?


Comment by Redliners on March 19, 2012 at 9:58

the goal (or goals) is the answer... as long as they are achievable of course

or watch 'road to Paris' - 2002 documentary .... if not, Eurosport most weekends coming up have races from Europe... they tend to get most people going


Comment by Adam Williss on March 19, 2012 at 10:13

Same problem mate.  3 Peaks just over a week ago which was a huge goal and already I feel totally empty.  Need another challenge.  Have entered the GS Series, but not excited about it.

Thinking about the Amy's Gran Fondo on the Great Ocean Road or something like that later in the year as an event to look forward to and train towards.  Perhaps look at something like that...  I'd be happy to have the company if you want to join me?

Comment by Peter Hill on March 19, 2012 at 10:17

My advice:

Don't worry about keeping up with 'goals', just do something that will make cycling seem fun again.

Sleep in on a weekend, dig out the old MTB or hybrid, put flat pedals on your bike, wear baggy gardening shorts and your favourite t-shirt or loud hawiian shirt and go for a slow cruise along the Torrens or the beach on a sunny day.

Do it at about 10.30  (none of that sparrow-fart stuff) and go only go for about an hour. Reward yourself with a stop for food or drink at a shop. The following week, start going up the veloway and stop half way, look at the view, then turn around and head home. Don't flog yourself. Just aim for enjoying riding.

You are not going to lose your fitness overnight if you skip a few weekends.

Comment by Steven Ellison on March 19, 2012 at 11:53

Trent, its a problem I expect many people face. Maybe you could help others start riding, pass on your experiance to others and promote social riding as well. Maybe organise a special ride once a month for say "intermediates, you know those between the 'L' ride and the Muddies! You know, something with moderate hills, not to hard but a long safe ride. Or something different, an easy ride with breaks for beguiners where those better riders can do a challange up a hill and back or round a short circuit while the beguiners have a rest or something.  Maybe focusing on the developement of others could help add some enjoyment into your riding as well as a commitment to ride :-)

Comment by Matt Brennan on March 19, 2012 at 15:52

perhaps a new bike is in order :)

Comment by Gillian on March 19, 2012 at 16:08

Have an enforced 8 months off every year, drink good beer/red wine and put on 4kg. Weight gain is great motivation to get going again and apparently allows you to double Pat's speed downhill ;-)

Comment by Virginia Riches on March 19, 2012 at 16:13

I am so familiar with this! Usually once I get past the tour ride my body just says - enough! I used to get really frustrated as I wanted to keep going but my body was telling me I need to rest. Now I trick it - I mix it up a bit, different types of cycling (I find cyclocross is great - short, fun and not serious), plus I signed myself up for a mini trialthlon in March, so I had to do other types of fitness.

But ultimately, make sure you're having fun, if you're riding through a georgeous afternoon with sunlight streaming through the trees and you're grumpy about being on the bike, then give it a couple of weeks rest. You'll get the itch again to be back on it and when you do you'll get to enjoy that first ride with extremely rested legs which make you feel like you can fly!

Comment by M@tt on March 19, 2012 at 16:21

Come out MTB'g with the Phat Forkers, it will give you a new appreciation of road riding.

Comment by colin ware-lane on March 19, 2012 at 18:05

after i broke my collarbone i was on the verge of giving it all away,but i knew i had more i wanted to achieve and wasnt about to waste $6,000 on a bike and role faster wheels for nothing,this long term back problem had me thinking the same again but after the velo ride yesterday and the buzz from flying down the twisting hills at 60km/hr and the bloody minded NEVR STOP ON A HILL attitude i am looking towards next sundays ride4repat with renewed vigour.Sometimes we all just need a break from it all,if your not busy on sunday come out and ride with the guys from tailem bend and take alook at reidys blog about the ride and why he is doing it,he is a great example of a great Australian.

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