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End of year message to Adelaide Cyclists

Greetings Adelaide Cyclists.

Two and a half years ago I moved to Adelaide from Sydney. I knew it was a good cycling city, I rode the linear park to work and into the CBD but in February this year when the Tour Down Under and Lance fever gripped town it was cycling a cycling obsessed city - so I created this Adelaide Cyclists social network. (I wrote in April on 'How this site came… Continue

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Should cyclists stop at red lights? A debate on The Bike Show.

Listen to the Bike Show podcast here.

I've become addicted to The Bike Show. Luckily Jack Thurston has an extensive back catalog for me to listen to (check out the two part special on Moulten bicycles).

This was a great debate.… Continue

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Veer - a documentary about bicycle culture and community

Veer is an indie documentary looking at the fast growing bicycle culture in the US. It follows five bicycle nuts and the bike sub groups they belong to as well as what it means to be a part of a community and how such movements are formed.

I cannot see any international dates on its release schedule but the DVD can be bought online from and would…


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Classic modern cycling posters

There is something about cycling artwork. Even modern posters (when done well) can become instant classics. These Sram sponsored posters featuring L. Armstrong are no exception.…


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My stuck Ricardo seatpost is finally free!

Readers will know about my long time problem with a stuck seatpost in an old Ricardo 'Elite' steel frame bike I inherited. The classic Adelaide made bike is bit too big for me and with the seatpost immovable it gave me no way of making it a bit easier for me to ride. I had quite a few bloody good goes at it. The last attempt left… Continue

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Spoke + Spool and thoughts on clothing for bicycle lovers.

I came across this new clothing label that is aiming to design clothing for city/ commuter bike riding.


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