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Square2Sqauare - Update 9

Hi Folks,

Will be really brief tonight as I'm stuffed and need a day or two to pull together photos and stats for final report which I will post either tomorrow night or Wednesday night.

Woke up this morning to the realization that today was day 8, our last day.  We left the Meningie Caravan Park just after 7:30 with a good weather forecast.  Seemed pretty chilly to start, but we tapped along at a good speed north from Meningie.

Our first scheduled stop was…


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Square2Square - Update 8

As I sit and ponder.......sounds corny, but as tonight is our last night away, it is impossible not to ponder on what has been an amazing time both on the bike and off.  We're at the Meningie Lake Albert Caravan Park and tomorrow we make our way back to Victoria Square. 

We left Kingston this morning a bit later than normal, some of us struggled to get out of bed today.  Our journey was 147kms at an average of 26.2kms/h.  Wasn't a hard day, but then again we have done this 7 days in a…


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Square2Square - update 7

Evening Folks,

Tonights blog will be a bit briefer that previous ones, mainly due to the fact that I'm stuffed and we're running a bit late from dinner with some locals....and...I still need to wash and dry my lycra! (or should I say, make sure that my minions have completed their tasks for the night - well, I DO make the coffee!)

This morning we set off from Millicent at 7:30 with a positive frame of mind.  The forecasts were for SSE winds and we were heading NNW, so it should…


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Square2Square - Update 6

After a hellish day yesterday, we all woke with a bit of trepidation about what today might hold.  We were scheduled for another 150+km day and the weather forecasts weren't looking all that good,

For me last night was disturbed and restless. I made the mistake of not going to sleep before 'my brother from another mother' (Smudge).  Not wanting to make light of recent natural disasters, but if there was a richter scale in our cabin last night, the township of Portland would've been…


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Square2Square - Update 5

This morning we set off from Peterborough at 7:30am.  It was cool, but calm and dry.  There had been a shower or two earlier, but Smudge (Keith Martin) Matthew assured us that our luck with the weather was going to continue.  How wrong he was!  A km out of Peterborough the heavens opened up and although most of us didn't trust Smudge Martin (why would you!) and had worn light shower jackets, it wasn't long and we were soaked through.

Our plan was to have morning coffee at Warnambool…


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Square2Square - Update4

Thanks for all the encouraging comments, texts and tweets over the last few days.  We've been blown away by the support we've had.  Today we had a bus load of tourists pass our donation tin around to support us.  They'd passed us a couple of times during the morning - I swear they thought we were mad! Some of the tourists couldn't comprehend that we were riding a distance greater than the breadth of their home country.  It's also been really encouraging to know that we have so many fellow…


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Square2Square - Update 3

At the time of writing this blog, we are at Apollo Bay in the Pisces Holiday Park, all safe and sound and getting ready for bed.  Well that would be case if there were enough beds.  Tightarse McMatthew, with the short arms and deep pockets once again left us with more bums than again, Chewbacca and Ray 'the prof' Morris are discovering the benefits of butt butter.  Only jokin of course, (what happens on tour, stays on tour!) we managed to upgrade one of our cabins to…


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Square2Square - Update 2

G'day from the S2S crew.  Last night we stayed in cabins at Ballarat, after discovering that Smudge had booked for 6 and we were 10 people in total, we just decided to share beds and really 'team up'.  (only jokin', we were only 1 bed short and that wasn't hard to sort out).

All in all a good stay in Ballarat, but all the crew were a bit toey knowing that the next day was the start of the ride.

So, 7am, bus packed, we set off for Melbourne.…


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Square2Square - update 1

We're off!  9 AC members are off on our long awaited cycling tour.  This morning we met in the city to pack the final bags and bikes into the bus to head off for Melbourne.  We'll be sitting in the bus for most of the day to get to Ballarat.  So far (we're nearly to Bordertown) the journey has been very relaxing and enjoyable, lots of laughs and a general feeling of excitement in the air.  OUr team is made up of  D'man (Derek Hasel), Belinda Hoare, the Prof (Ray Morris), Chewbacca (Rob Rau),…


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Around the Bay in a day - Done! Now what?

Sitting on my couch on Monday night, having just returned from Melbourne. On Sunday I rode the Around the Bay in a day event. I've had this as a goal for a while now, The 250km registrations sold out in 4 hours and I was lucky (or determined) enough to get in. Over 16,000 people rode a variety of distances from 50 kms to 250kms.

Leading up to the weekend, I had been riding some reasonable k's but went over with some trepidation about the distance and the wind/weather (which was bad -…


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There is a Cycling Karma!

I've been a bit slack lately. Having come off the summer and maintained a fairly good ride regime for most of the winter, the last 4 weeks not been great. I've probably been on the bike 3-4 times in that time and a couple of gym/indoor trainer sessions.

Worst of all, there have been two weekends when I have had everything ready...knicks, undershirt, shoes etc out the night before...tyres pumped, bike checked...ready to go. And then...woken up to the alarm, heard the wind blowing hard,…


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