June 2009 News Stories (8)

New design for a folding commuter bike

I was listening to By Design on Radio National this afternoon and they had a story on the Aust. Design 'Gold' Award winning Switch Commuter bike designed by Robert Dumaresq - a Melbourne design student from… Continue

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Knog TV

From Knog TV - there's something disturbed bout… Continue

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Picture says a 1000 words

From the Desktop Artwork Project

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Whoa big pothole - slow down

British Waterways artword

Apparently the canal ways of London are a great place to ride fast (you fixie hoons) so the British Waterways commissioned some 3D artworks for the path to slow cyclists down.

It came in response to reports of cyclists riding carelessly and endangering pedestrians.
Either London cyclists are a bit dim or they are really really realistic!…


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More good reading

Blogging is hard let alone who has the time but who has the time to read it all. What's worse is when something comes along that it really worth reading and I feel guilty and I have to find time to read it along with 'Where the Wild Things… Continue

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Ever been 'doored'?

Luckily I have never been 'doored' when riding - I reckon I am ultra careful when riding past parked cars but I guess you can never predict what might happen.

As a former resident of Sydney I can't say it was one of the best cycling cities but I was happy to see this posted by the Candy Crank blog.

Full credit to Sydney city Lord Mayor Clover Moore who is really making an effort to promote more… Continue

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I've said it before but when it comes to urban cycling Portland, OR, is where it's at.

As we head into winter that city in the NW of USA is enjoying the first days of summer and to celebrate they are having a 'Pedalpalooza'

Over two weeks and nearly 200 events for cyclists to enjoy no matter what their cycling poison.

Is an Adelaide 'palooza' something that might be embraced by this… Continue

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Woo Hoo - coffee is good for cycling!

Science has proven the benefits of the post ride coffee.

Apparently glycogen are improved by more than 66% - better than downing a huge bowl of pasta.

The only catch in the story is it's better if you have caffeine in capsule form.

Full story from Cycling… Continue

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