T900 Tandem-Cargo Bike

My current bike.

Custom aluminum rack. Xtracycle panniers, V8 pedals, new seat, mudguards, heavy duty kickstand. I've upgraded the lights since this photo.

I can easily convert this back to a standard tandem by removing the rack and replacing the rear handlebar and seat.

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Comment by Jeremy Miller on January 24, 2012 at 17:32

Looks good - I would be interested in how much weight it can carry - also looks like the weight is carried fair bit higher than on a Xtracycle set-up - is this the case and do you find it affects stability?

Comment by hozozco on April 24, 2012 at 10:18

Hi Jeremy

The weight is quite a bit higher than your Xtracycles.  If I did this again I would specify some extra bends in the rack to get it lower.  I had the rack built by Nat Rad (the radiator shop) as they were heaps cheaper than the cycle shops I approached and could work in aluminum.

I've probably carried around 40kg on it.  That is a lot to haul up the veloway though and I don't fancy doing it again.  There was no stability problems, but obviously lower would be better.  I don't honestly use it to carry a lot of cargo very often.  When I do it tends to be large but light items - again I've usually got to go up the veloway so my legs are the main limitation.

My 'dream' is to ride around Australia on it one day.  Heavy items in the panniers, tend and sleeping bag on top etc.  I'd want to change the handlebar - I've read it weighs 2.5Kg!

The trek has very low gears (most entry level tandems do) so it manages the hills just fine - even with my legs!  It's very smooth to ride - you'll have to have a go at the next Picnic!


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