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  • Cycling death on Riddoch Highway near Mt. Gambier

    Sadly, there was another cycling fatality yesterday, this time near Mount Gambier. That is the 3rd on SA roads this year (a 4th one, a death in the parklands, does not appear to be n the road toll).…

    By Peter B

  • Auckland vs Adelaide

    I’ve never been to Auckland. Cycling advocates have ongoing battles however there seems to be good leadership and support within some sections of government.…

    By Jim lally

  • Support for Bicycle Use from The Greens in Saturday's Election...

    Hi Folks, Katie (from BISA) has agreed to my posting of the letter below from Mark Parnell of The Greens. If this doesn't solve your indecision at the booth this weekend I don't know what will! ;-)Sam."Dear Fay & Katie,Thanks for your letter setting out BISA’s 2018 State election asks. To cut…

    By Savvas

  • Gawler Wheelers Ride Report 10th March 2018

    Beating the heat. It was forecast to be a hot day, and talk was around getting back from our rides and beating the heat.…

    By Paul Koch

  • 100 km Gran Fondo..

    My 79th birthday is in a few months, and I was going to ride 79 kms on the day. Rode a 100 km today instead.

    By Terry C

  • Frame Painting - 2018

    There are a number of old threads here on the matter of frame painting, and it seems not easy to re-arrange them into a comprehensible date order, so as to have more recent / relevant information.So, I'll Post this one, with a date, for future archive searchers !  Today, I wonder if anyone can…

    By Bicycle Fish

  • Freecyclists - Ride to end mandatory helmet law.

    I never put much thought into the mandatory helmet law debate before but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realised it is one of the factors holding back the up-take of people riding bikes.It’s a subtle barrier to have to buy more equipment just to ride down the road or the pavement to…

    By Sterling R

  • Exposure Light Glenelg

    My Diablo Exposure light came off this morning near the bridge at Glenelg if anyone picked it up let me know on 0417820173.  thanks 

    By corey roberts

  • cycling presentation content [needed]

    I'm not sure if anyone can help or not but I need content for a cycling presentation for work. Over the years I have read so many great research articles here and on other sites but (stupidly) did not save them. and unfortunately the search functions on these sites are to primitive to find what I…

    By Equal2lance2

  • Outer Harbour Greenway Update...

    Good news from the community liaison officer at the Torrens2Torrens Project today:“The section of the Outer Harbor Greenway through the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project, between Queen Street and West Street, including the overpass at South Road, will be fully opened by May 2018.”So both the TJ…

    By Savvas