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  • Gawler Wheelers Ride Report 17th November 2018

    Big day out.Another big day out with the wheelers, with two challenging rides on offer, with 32 riders out.The shorter ride was the steady climb to Kersbrook, before a run…

    By Paul Koch

  • Children and car use

    Interesting article in The Conversation which is also running on the ABC website:

    By Michael Murray

  • Linear Path/Taylor Bridge Update...

    From the T2T Alliance this afternoon: "The T2T Alliance will be completing the works to widen Taylor Bridge this weekend, and the Linear Park Trail under South Road will be opened to pedestrians and cyclists by Monday 19 November. We would like to thank you for your ongoing patience while these…

    By Savvas

  • East Adelaide Active Transport

    I'm trying to start a group to have a voice with The eastern side of Adelaide and looking for anyone interested, specifically from Burnside, Campbelltown and NPSP council areas. Would love to have some active volunteers, but for the moment just want to start seeing how many people I can get…

    By Kristian Andrejewskis

  • Bike review

    Looking to purchase a Merida Scultura Disc 7000-E Road - Would appreciate any actual review comments - Cheers!

    By Andrew Mooney

  • South Road Bicycle Lanes??

    So new traffic lanes heading south have just been opened north of Ayliffe's Road intersection. It appears that cyclists are to be squeezed into the gutter before either heading to Darlington or up Shepherds Hill road. Please tell me this is only temporary ...     And if someone could get the image…

    By Jim Saunders

  • Helmets that meet AS/NZA 2063 standard, but don't have sticker. OK?

    Hi all,Was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on requirements for helmets as most research I've done has come up pretty fuzzy.My parents ordered a POC helmet for my wife as a gift, via Amazon Australia (not international) from a store with a nominally Australian name. Now the helmet…

    By Nathan Adams

  • Anyone lost a tail light ?

    I found a tail light coming home tonight heading east from Rundle Street across Fullarton Road  to  Beulah Road where there is that little bit of a cycle path that cuts the corner though a car park.  It was in the gutter just as I was turning right off Rundle Street from the bit of green road into…

    By Michael Murray

  • interstate advocate killed while cycling 5-Nov-2018

    Cyclist Cameron Frewer moved to the Sunshine Coast in Apr-2017. He noted vehicles that passed too closely, posted film on his facebook page Drive Safe, Pass Wide, and reported to police. On 5-Nov-2018 Cameron was killed while cycling.Cycling safety advocate who predicted his own death on Sunshine…

    By heather

  • Rising cyclist death toll is mainly due to drivers... change the road laws and culture.The Conversation, 18 September 2018“Recent reporting paints a picture of surging road deaths and failing safety strategies for cyclists. The Australian Automobile Association’s Benchmarking report records 1,222 road deaths in the year ending June 2018. And…

    By Savvas