List details of stolen bicycles. Also check details if suspicious about a bicycle.

Please include details below, based on SAPOL's The Bicycle Passport at

Link: (to your post on AC hub)

Make / model:


Type (men’s / ladies / racing / mountain / bmx):

Frame / serial number:

Frame size:

Wheel size:

Tyres (make / colour):

Gears (make / type / number):

Handlebar type (standard / straight / racing / mountain):

Pedal type (rubber / metal / reflector):

Saddle (colour / plastic / leather):


Identifying marks (stickers / badges / damage / repairs):

Security mark (type & position):

Date stolen:



Extra Info:


Report locally your stolen bike, as well as on other specific websites to spread the word, especially if your unique high-end bike is moved interstate.
Three suggested current websites:
1. The Australian Bike Vault – Stolen Bicycles Australia website is operated by Stolen Bicycles Australia Ltd (SBA). SBA is a non-profit organisation, founded in late 2015 by avid bike riders and former police. –

2. Bicycles Network Australia. Three ‘housekeeping’ threads, followed by most recent listing of 2-Mar-2018. –

3. National Bike Register. The National Bike Register was initiated by Police and developed by Crime Stoppers, DataDot Technology and cycling sponsor Subaru, to combat bike theft in Australia. –

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Make / model:  Specialised Hardrock 2

Colour: Blue & White

Type (men’s / ladies / racing / mountain / bmx): Mens

Frame / serial number: TBA

Frame size: 21 Inc

Wheel size: 26 Inc

Tyres (make / colour):

Gears (make / type / number): Shimano, 21 Speed

Handlebar type (standard / straight / racing / mountain):Standard

Pedal type (rubber / metal / reflector): Reflector

Saddle (colour / plastic / leather): White / Leather

Accessories: Black Drink Holder

Identifying marks (stickers / badges / damage / repairs): TBA

Date stolen: 16/17/ March 2016

Location: Golden Grove

How: Taken from Carport

Extra Info:

Link: (to your post on AC hub)

Make / model: TREK FX7.7 2014

Colour: Black

Type (men’s / ladies / racing / mountain / bmx): Road

Frame / serial number: WTU060XD5006H

Frame size: 54 cm

Tyres (make / colour): Bontrager black (white markings on rims)

Gears (make / type / number): Shimano Tiagra

Handlebar type (standard / straight / racing / mountain):Straight

Pedal type (rubber / metal / reflector): Metal reflector

Saddle (colour / plastic / leather): Black leather

Accessories: Bell, Small front & back lights, GoPro mount

Identifying marks (stickers / badges / damage / repairs): Small scratches on left paddle and handle grip, a few tiny white paint dots

Date stolen: 19 Apr 2016

Location: In front of UniSA's Reid Bldg, Frome Rd, Adelaide 

How: Cut lock

Extra Info: Stolen b/w 9 am - 4 pm


Bicycle was found by police during a search of a property. Thanks all!

Australian Bike Vault posted on 9-Mar-2018 that SAPOL are looking for the owner for this (stolen) bike.
Make: Bottecchia
Model: 8AVIO
Type: Road
Colour: White with a little red and black
Photo: Provided

Added for member arope99
Make / model: Giant TCR Advanced 1 Disc
Colour: neon green / yellow with blue words, e.g. GIANT
Type: men’s road
Rims: Black with large white words, e.g. PREX
Gears: Shimano Ultegra
Brakes: Shimano RS505 hydraulic disc
Handlebars: drop combo
Saddle: black with blue stripe
Accessories: Bike computer Garmin Edge 200 attached using a front mount. Saddle bag Lezyne. Pump Lifeline. Bottle cages (2) branded 99bikes. White tape at the bottom of the seat post.
Identifying marks: a paint chip on the rear right hand side of the frame (on chainstay near rear derailleur hanger
Date stolen: Wednesday 2-May-2018 morning
Location: grounds of Walkerville Primary School, Stephen Tce, Walkerville
Picture: provided


make/model: avanti discovery

colour: black with avanti written in white & blue accents

type: mens hybrid

handlebars: flat

saddle: black

accessories: rear bike rack & black basket

brakes: disc

identifying marks: black bell is scratched 

date stolen: Saturday 7 July  4.10pm

there is a man on cctv footage riding my bike away

location: outside the myer centre adelaide in stephens place next to Sportsgirl - the staff at Sportsgirl & the police told me this is a hot spot for bike theft & you should not ever leave your bike there - that would have been nice to know earlier today.....


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