Spotted this sign on the Majors Rd entrance to the Veloway this morning. Unsure what works are happening and couldn't see anything on the web site. Perhaps they are going to do some lane widening or add some passing lanes or street lighting or drinking fountains or Exaloos? If you see anything let us know.

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Upgrades to the telecommunications network that supports the Southern Expressway's traffic management systems (cameras, signals, variable speed limit signs etc). Descend at a low enough speed that you can stop within what you can see, as there may be vehicles present.

The Veloway is used as a maintenance access track for the Southern Expressway on a regular basis, and formed a major part of the case for building the sealed route rather than just a gravel path. Crews are supposed to put out a warning sign at the top of the descent near the turnoff leading to the underpass if they are working on the section north of O'Halloran Hill, but unfortunately not all workers are as conscientious as they should be.

Just to add - this sort of work is usually business hours only, and usually only results in a partial blockage which can be squeezed past with only a few seconds delay. There won't be any complete closures.

Motorists will probably lose more time than cyclists, courtesy of the 40km/h restrictions on the Southern Expressway itself.


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