So, how many of you good folk are going to continue riding (for pleasure, not commuting) through Winter or park the bike until the weather warms up and dries out again?

Personally I ride all year round, just that the afternoon rides become night rides and a few more layers of clothes are required. Love riding in the hills on cold misty mornings with the smell of log fires in the air.

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Bought myself some winter shoe covers yesterday after riding the other night at 10degrees and found I couldn't feel my legs. The cold and wet is sort of fun, just for something different I guess.

Depending on when I get home from work, I'll try and go for an afternoon evening ride (light permitting) I find I'm a afternoon/evening kind of person. rarely will I do an early morning ride due to arthritis condition. I should still try but I like to wait till I warm up.

Yep, Ride through all seasons.  Sometimes I pick and choose which bike I want to ride depending on the weather. 

Some of my bikes get washed every ride, others maybe once a month, yet others never !

Commuting should count if you have a car, as it's my choice weather to ride or not. I treat my commute as a ride anyway...

I went out and bought some full length gloves, leg warmers and a head warmer. I have no excuses now why I can't go for a ride in the cold. I do like the cold mornings on the bike, it's invigorating. I live in hahndorf and have to accept whatever cold snap comes my way. I've only had a road bike since September and nothing's going to stop my enjoyment of riding.
I love the cold morning commutes. I also enjoyed Thursday nightriders and Mt Lofty repeats last winter (see my profile pic, brrrr). Hope I can continue this winter too.


I'm thinking about doing the occasional spin up to Crafers after work, possibly Tuesdays or Wednesday might be the best nights. Last years June cycling up to the Bollards was pretty cold (and I caught a nasty cold that knocked me out for months) but I still might do the occasional evening run and be better prepared for the chilly descent! I'll let you know if I get motivated.

I was under the impression that you caught colds from human contact at home/work/public tspt etc and not from being out in cold weather.

You are right Clive. I went up to the bollards after the weekend of a neices 18th and had the hangover from hell (and probably got the bug there).  I think the cold weather pushed my immune system to the limit. Cycling home along Cross Road didn't warm me up and I had a long hot shower to get the chill out of me bones. A couple of days later and I was in bed, aching all over, hot and cold, lost a few kilos and could hardly walk! Went through the whole of July ('Dry July') without a beer it was that bad!

Funny though, 

Sometimes I facebook my UK friends and tell them that I went for a winter ride and it was 10C !

The replies I get, tend not to be too kind, but basically say ' Belgium Up ! ' 

10d is like spring weather to them. lol

This is my first winter as a cyclist so my base intentions are to ride every weekend at the very minimum.  If I keep that up, I'm miles ahead of every other year of my life.
Any other ride I can add on top of that is going to thrill me.

I'm a Queenslander so this cold weather (and worse, cold rain) is still a rude shock after 4 years in Adelaide.  I've got thermals and layers and arm, legs, gloves, beanies etc, but I'm hoping to hold off on using them for as long as I can to help acclimatise.

I commute year round, winter is my favourite time of year. Very little wind and you can man do you feel alive. If it rains I bus it.


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