I know this is going to spark a flaming war but really, why ride up Greenhill road when there are so many other safer, equally beautiful, roads into the hills?

We (see I included myself) just hold up the traffic which doesn't do any of us any good. The old excuse "its my right" comes with some responsibility too - like, "if there is a better route take it".

Not wanting to denigrate us (as horses are beautiful beasts too) but, if when driving a car up Greenhill we came across people riding horses every few hundred metres the novelty would soon wear off and the driver could be justified in thinking "isn't there a better route - wider, less dangerous for all?".

Of course the State Gov could widen the road - that would be magnificent - but its not likely to happen any time soon.

So, why bother?

Fellow avid cyclist and hills transit inhabitant (ie so many hours riding in the hills I feel like I live there!)

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The time of day I ride GH (between 5.30-7am) I seldom see more than 2-3 cars, so traffic is a non issue for me.
Firstly I ride it for variation from the others, plus it's the best training climb near Adelaide. At a constant 6-7% for around 30 min, it's longer than Norts and more consistent than the freeway. People training for the Vic Alps or Peaks Challenge will repeat GH 2-3 times which is as close to replicating Hotham as you can get nearby.


early morning, no problems at all, after that...forget it.

I hate coming down the road though, if I have to use it downtrack, I will always wait till it clear of cars etc, or pull over.   This is the favourite road for hills people as the quick track and you get alot of bad drivers on it.  With some many roaeds to choose from for cyclists, I choose other climbing roads for the rest of the day.


Because it's arguably the toughest and best training climb in Adelaide (my opinion). The main reasons are:

- Fairly steep gradient (around 10-13% for most of it).

- Virtually no downhill or excessively flat sections.

- Longest distance climb without the opportunity to 'rest' legs or go easy.

I know where you're coming from, and I find its better to do it early morning 6-8am, or a weekend (like Sunday), because the traffic is coming from the hills and going to the city (for work).

Likewise, I would never ever ride it in the afternoon peak hour on a weekday as there would be too many cars going up (use Norton or the Old Freeway for afternoon riding).

The same can be said for Old Belair Road. That is even worse and very heavy traffic most times of day. Belair road is actually better as cars can pass safely as it is a little wider in most parts.

There's a few nasty blind spots which are concerning but I ride as close to the left there and pray. If I hear a car approaching FAST, I'm ready to hit the shoulder (which is a rough surface) and lean towards the cliff face. I always usually hear them hit the brakes as engine revs drop as soon as they see me anyway. It's just bad timing usually if they don't look up around the switchbacks to see what's up ahead.

Plenty of close passes happen (a metre just isn't possible), but I've had plenty worse elsewhere in the hills.

"- Fairly steep gradient (around 10-13% for most of it)."

I think it's more like 6-8%, but strava is down now so I can't check.

10-13 would be corkscrew road nightmare-tier.

It's a 6.3% average gradient over the whole climb.

 i think common sense would be the answer to riding on any public road ,i see cyclists holding up traffic in town ,most cyclists pick their times to ride up in the hills ,i.e. early morning to avoid  cars or the cafe motor  bike riders or the bogans with their sub woofers in their imported japanese cars which all seem to wake up about 10 to 11am when most of us have done our training rides no matter what road we choose,we try not to inconvenience traffic so most of us get up at ungodly hours ,take time away from family ,friends,dogs,cats,pitch black mornings ,cold etc ,so i think as a whole we cyclists are considerate to other road users almost to the detriment of ourselves,.....havent all the cafe racers and the wannabe bathurst drivers other roads to use  as well ?

Why drive up Greenhill Rd when there is a wider, safer freeway nearby purpose-built to get you there faster with no bikes or horses?

Because under-maintained cars keep blowing up on the freeway and sending everyone onto diversionary routes?

Colin, :)

The Ricer boys prefer the route with less speed cameras. If you try to do the speed limit up Greenhill at around 10pm you usually have a gaggle of them inches off your back bumper. When I used to ride to Mt Lofty Summit late on hot summer nights there'd be plenty parked below the café.

My thoughts exactly.


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