From the SBS Cycling Central website - "Australian WorldTour squad GreenEDGE has released a statement to the media explaining that it intends to announce a title sponsor for the team on Tuesday, May 1 in Melbourne".

I always wondered if Australia was going to have a WorldTour team, who would be the main sponsor - QANTAS, BHP, WESTPAC? and I guess my question will be answered on Tuesday. I was thinking that the company should have a presence in Europe, or going to have one.

Who do you think would be an appropriate Australian sponsor - Barbecues Galore, XXXX, Vegemite, Mortein? Or are they not going to be Australian??

Do their corporate colours have to be GREEN???

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For companies that have a presence in Australia & the UK (not sure re Europe but the UK viewership and interest alone should be enough), BUPA. 

Coopers - Pale Ale would tie in beautifully with Green Edge .
It would be a dream come true for me , my favourite beer & cycling team in unison ..


ha ha ha ha  ,, another dream come true ..

From what I read the Australian corporate world wasn't showing enough interest but there was plenty from Asia... specifically  a few Chinese companies.


nuff said

What about a Local sponsor with an Iconic product. Would then be mandatory at all coffee stops.

Not these little froggies...

their heads contain pigs fat whipped with sugar.

Baaaaaad for health.

I hope everyone that showed the faith and bought some current GE team kit get some discount on the new GE team kit....

Congrats on a new sponsor so soon BTW, I'm sure all the early season success went a long way to securing it.

And what a great start they've had. Really looking forward to the Giro.

Cyclists love coffee so about Hudsons or Gloria Jeans? Or if your looking something healthier Boost Juice!

Sorry Mark, you said coffee. Hudsons and Gloria Jeans don't sell that, despite what some people might think.


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