Ive come to the conclusion that my knees will thank me for swapping to a compact crank. 
I run a mix of 105 & dura ace mech at the moment but am wondering if FSA or ??? would be better/cheaper/lighter/???
Not wanting high end, but understand you get what you pay for. 

Ps: if anyone has a decent secondhand one, let me know too

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Check out ribble cycles website. They're usually cheap.

Do you really need a compact crank? Adelaide is flat and there's only a few hills around, no mountains.

Are you already running a 28 tooth cassette?

@ Frank braised is usually better as if you need a clamp the right size clamp is in my shed somewhere...if not ebay is a cheap place to get one

I have an FSA SLK compact crank on my Cannondale (50 x 34 chainrings). I bought it that way for me to get back into the hills and loved it. I have only recently replaced the chainrings with aftermarket standard chainrings (53 x 39) but still with the 110 BCD cranks as i got to the point where i wasnt using the top half of the cassette much as i got stronger.

They seem plenty stiff enough. The only problem i have had is with the BB30 bottom bracket. Not sure if it came loose or just got water in it but it became creaky on two seperate occasions, i think after riding in the heavy rain. A visit to the shop for a service fixed it ok. I have just bought a torque wrench and figured i'll have a go at it myself if it happens again.

Peter how about asking Noel at bike station as everything he has is for sale :) Whatever you end up with make sure you have the bottom bracket to suit.....worthwhie to spend the extra bucks on that component....but I do have a spare FSA and DuraAce lying around here somewhere you can have for nix  if that helps:)

I found that the 34/25 felt about the same as a 39/27 so if you are looking for a cheaper option you could try a 12/27 or 12/28 cluster first.  Assuming you haven't already.

You should be able to find a gear calculator on the web somewhere to check.  Pretty sure there is one on Sheldon Brown.

I run a 12/27 with my std crank all the time now (live in the hills). 

I have an Ultegra compact crank that I bought for the mountains in Europe but I don't use it at home as I found I had to change the front ring too much in normal flatter riding here.  Not for sale though as I have some more mountains that I want to climb.

They are all pretty much the same. Ive riden them all from tiagra to DA/Sram Red and cant tell any difference if I close my eyes lol!

These days the crank technology is so similar its no real difference.

Get your bike fitted by an experienced fitter as well if you knees are a bit knocky. Mark all your changes with a liquid paper pen so if anything slips, you got a reference point to go back to.

and the rollout of a 50 x 11 gear is actually bigger than a 53 x12

will your bike handle three chain rings at the front?


MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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