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Zimmzamm's got a great photo in the final 32 of the CyclingTips what you missed this morning photo comp and there are some great prizes to be had. Turns out that I have a photo in the final 32 as well so if you havent already used up your one Facebook vote with him then please consider mine...


Click on the above link and vote using Facebook (yeah I know...who has a Facebook account???. I cant even vote for my own photo!)

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Excellent too. 

Now this is what I like - a good old head to head, toe to toe, Schleck vs Contador, 20, no, 21 gels and a chicken battle of the grimpeurs!

You got my vote

The colours are amazing. +1

Thanks Kara and Juz!

Who said you get only 1 vote?

Paul I think its set up so you can only vote for the same photo once. You can vote for more than one photo though (I think)

aaaaahhh, now I getcha. Yeah I've voted for a few pics. Goodluck

Not sure if riding with no hands on handlebars and therefore breaking the law is the kind of thing that should be encouraged.

Noticed 'no hands', but then TDU winners are not ticketed.

I believe the TDU has a special dispensation, otherwise they wouldn't be allowed to travel on the right hand side of the road, ride more than 2 abreast or exceed the speed limit.

Although, the officials would still be able to discipline a rider if they thought that a particular manoeuvre or action was dangerous.

67 likes so far.

Did you set up 66 bogus facebook accounts?



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