I am new to Adelaide - I come from northern West Australia, so I am a bit un used to the wetness from the sky.  What do people wear when it is inclement?  Do you try to stay dry or just get dry at work?  Are waterproof panniers necessary (computer documents etc) or are there other tricks?  Looking forward to hearing your wisdom.

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On my commute of 8k's I usually just suck it up, because I am either getting to work to a warm shower or going home to a warm shower. Today I had a rain jacket, which ended up wet through anyway and just 3/4 fleece knicks. I have a mud guard which is pretty much useless as well as it swivels around. And my backpack is not waterproof, I think this is one area worth investing in to protect documents/clothing/phone etc.

Warm shower thats luxury

I wear waterproof pants and jacket get to work just as wet inside as out they dont breathe very well.

I got a waterproof cover for back pack

Hi Ben, Its probably not the wet so much that worries me this time of year but the cold. I normally wear thermal bib knicks that come just below the knees with a merino t-shirt and a long sleeve jersey. Wind proofing and rain proofing I wear a Netti shower proof Hi-vis top, the type that has the long flap at the back. If I am leaving home and the rain has settled in, I put on a gortex jacket and but up with getting wet legs. I can have a shower and warm up once at work. 90% of the time Adelaide's rain is just passing showers, it is unusual to have it rain all day. My back pack has a hi-vis water proof cover and I put my phone and wallet in a strong plastic bag. My change of cloths and lunch are also put in plastic bags. My other option if I get caught in the rain is to jump on the train, as I usually follow the Noarlunga line from Oaklands to Hallett Cove.

thanks guys good advice - anymore takers eps on the pannier bag side?


I like (to wear) mud-guards and lo and behold here is a box that's just arrived with some brand new Planet Bike ones.. good timing?

I think you'l find most panniers that are worth buying would be waterproof. Many have their own little raincoats that you can pull out from a pocket and wrap over the panner while not interfereing with it's hooks.

I don't have these but some people like them. You can buy these, for want of a better word, chaps that go over your pants to keep rain off the tops of your legs/ thighs. They just velcro around.

You might find some previous tips from this site here.


I wear a tram or a car. Sorry but i dont need to ride in the rain ;-)

For panniers I stuff everything into 'Dry Bags'.  Keep an eye on eBay and you'll find they sometimes come up real cheap.  I've got a few to fill by open panniers (xtracycle panniers).  My mud guards are excellent (and my rear wheel is well behind me anyway).


Clothing wise, I carry a waterproof jacket and 'shower proof pants'.  The pants are basically hopeless but I've not found any decent pants in the shops.


I am also going to a warm shower on my commute in both directions.



For commuting:


Plastic bags over cycling shoes and then waterproof shoe covers over the plastic bags (and my feet still get wet!!!)

Waterproof pants (stops all the dirt and crud collecting on my legs and also stops water running down inside my overshoes)

Waterproof jacket

And if its cold (like today) water proof gloves over the top of my windstopper gloves.

Arrive at work nice and dry (apart from a little dampness that gets into the shoes)


For road riding:

waterproof overshoes (but your feet get wet anyway if there is enough road spray and/or rain). It mostly stops all the dirt. sand and road grunge making my nice white cycling shoes go all grey.

Waterproof gillet

Rain jacket (if its actually raining)

Teaspoon of concrete

what's the teaspoon of concrete for?

so you can toughen up!

Our Wednesday shop ride had these two hard nuts out today. Maybe Arthur and Claudio can give a few tips.  Still very wet and cold when they got back though.


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