Looking at my daily does of tablets and vitamins - was wondering if anyone else here takes any?

This is what take daily and seems to make me feel the best - though over the years, think the benefits might be not as noticeable as when I first started taking them.

Glucosamine Chondroitin for my knees ( have worn out the cartilage and arthritis)

Fish Oil (I don't eat any anything form the ocean, and for my knees)

Multi Vitamin - all the good stuff my bad diet misses out on

Magnesium - to stop cramps - and apparently improves my brain (no strong evidence yet ........ )

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Im not a fan of fish oil as its concentrated fat and rancid as heck.

Also fish store toxins like mercury and cadmium in their fat stores like most animals do. Eating refined fat products like fish oil just gives as an extra whack of these known toxins. 

The only supp I take is b12 due to a genetic issue where my body doesnt produce/absorb enough vitamin b12. If I wasnt a vegan I would have never known about it.

The B12 vitamin is of note because it is not available from plant products, making B12 deficiency a concern for vegans. Manufacturers of plant-based foods will sometimes report B12 content, leading to confusion about what sources yield B12. The confusion arises because the standard US Pharmacopeia (USP) method for measuring the B12 content does not measure the B12 directly. Instead, it measures a bacterial response to the food. Chemical variants of the B12 vitamin found in plant sources are active for bacteria, but cannot be used by the human body.


That's probably your issue there DR - Grab some B12 infused cherios


I take fish oil.  I think the only thing it does is give you fish flavoured burps.

Human body produces vitamin b12 via bacteria in the gut. If you lack intrinsic factor, you gotta supplement. I supped even back in the days I ate meat. If I didnt, I went deficient.

Multivits are an expensive multi-scam. If you think you're deficient in something, adjust your diet!

I used to be an absolute fan of Vit C.. never failed to take 500mg a day, and never got  a cold..  then stopped taking them a few years back.. oddly enough, still havn't had a cold,...

+1 baron research has shown there are no benifits to taking a multi tab everyday i also have never had a cold since moving to Australia 15yrs ago.placibo effect at best.

Magnesium only, just to see how the leg cramps when riding go. Seems to have worked.

I figure tablet vitamins are a scam. Best to get these things from sources our bodies recognize. An orange, for example, is a good source of vitamin C but is also made up of many more compounds - it's a package deal when it comes to absorbing the vitamins and minerals. Natural, whole, real foods are the way to go IMO.

Multivitamins are a scam, they contain so little of each ingredient they provide no benefit other than contributing to the manufacturers coffers. 

Vitamin c to prevent or treat infections was disproven 2 years ago. Glucosamine for osteoarthritis is no more effective than placebo. Vitamin over usage has been linked to increased to increased mortality and even linked to certain cancers (exact ones I don't have at hand right now). 

Ecchynacia, garlic, horseradish are equally ineffective at preventing infections. 

On the positive side however magnesium is the most effective supplement to prevent cramps. Zinc has evidence to show it can reduce severity and duration of viral respiratory infections. Probiotics have evidence to shorten gastro duration, reduce frequency of infections and need for antibiotics. 

Essentially vitamins should only be used to target specific diagnosed deficiencies eg iron, b12, thiamine, folateand so on.  Folate supplementation may reduce cancer risk but does reduce cardiovascular risk in people with a specific disorder. 

Fish oil I believe is better than placebo for arthritis pain. Mercury toxicity is not likely from supplementation. 

I take vitamin D in winter as I don't see sunshine 5 out of 7 days in winter and there is evidence depletion (being low but not deficient) is associated with lower life expectancy. Everything else I expect to get from diet alone. I work in health care and (without jinxing myself) don't get sick. I do get my shots and have never had influenza or whooping cough despite hundreds of exposures over the years.  But that's another topic I guess. 


Same as you minus the Chondroitin and Magnesium. I am trying to make up for 50 years of poor eating habits and my more recent attack on my knees with excesive running. No idea if any of it helps but it should ;-) 

I drink so much FUIC the caffiene rejects artificial pick me ups.

bugger all tablets for me. just daily fruit / vegs  but I / we all get natural source of Vitamin D from the sun rays over the summer months


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