Has any body noticed a increase in riders not wearing gloves?

I was lucky enough to get a ride day with Barrie Sheen(late) and Mick Doohan some years ago and turned up on my Ducati Monster but with no gloves!
Mine were old and worn and didn't want to wear them! They all flat out refused to ride with me, we stopped off at City bikes and I forked out for a new pair of carbon enforced gloves!

Barry later in Strathalbyn had a chat and said always wear three things, helmet, shoes and definitely gloves!
First thing that hits the deck is your head, we take the load on our hands and bike drags on ankle or foot!
I never forget that yet see so many knobs on their mega bikes and No gloves!

What are people thoughts on that, I realize on the Paris Roubais there were a couple of pro riders not gloved up and that may have started it but are there others of the same opinion!

What is the skin on your paws worth to you?

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Pretty sure it's just to even out their tans.. So they don't have glove tan lines
Motorcycles are one thing bicycles are another. Don't see the comparison sorry.

You don't need gloves on a push bike. I use them with my road bike but not with my TT bike.

Dont tell me what to do, just because you cant keep your bike upright!

Is gloves really essential for riding (bicycle)?
Currently I feel fine with gloves-less since I never had problem with sweaty hand and prefer feel the handle bar directly to my skin on my hand.

Also the only biking attire that I have is a helmet..... ^^;
Maybe in the future I will invest on cycling pants + jersey.

I'm a bit of a blouse and Id wear long gloves in summer if I could.

Bitumen at any speed can be very nasty for fingers and hands.

For the sake of $20-$30 I always wear gloves in an attempt to save one area of flesh.

I agree that if you can reduce or avoid hand injuries of you fall that wearing gloves is worthwhile.

Most trades people or office workers use their hands at work.

any vibration from the handle bars is likly to agrivate any arthritis you have or prematurely give you arthritis especially if you ride for several hours.

Does taking about arthritis make me old?

I wear gloves, gives me comfort when resting on the bar tape plus it has sweat strip to wipe my brow, gives me better grip and control, as well some shock absorption due to having some gel inserts

Boonen said he wanted to "feel the road" in Paris - Roubaix, I reckon he just forgot them.

It was his great speciliazed roubaix Frank! 

now we just need some AC gloves to go with the AC winter gear!

Um, sure. I just couldn't afford to order them. I got samples and they were good. I can offer them on pre order.

I'd be interested in pre-ordering a pair


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