Having had a busy weekend involved with bikes that didn't involve many Km of riding it made me wonder what I wanted from cycling.

The cargo bike picnic seemed popular but cargo bikes would be close to the opposite of road bikes that are also popular

Cycling could be used for transportation but some people carry their bikes on cars.

Cycling could be used as an excuse to be outside but some people ride at the superdrome.

Cycling could be used for health and fitness but some people ride as if they have a death wish.

Cycling could be used to see different places but some people ride the same route all the time.

Cycling  could be used to help save the environment but some cyclists own a car and use it for trips they could easily use the bike for.

Cycling could be used to be part of the elite rich crowd but many cyclists use basic older bikes.

Can cycling be an enigma?

It seems likely it is different things for different people clearly some people are competitive and athletic but some people aren't

Certainly I enjoy seeing different things that I wouldn't normally see the speed (or lack of speed compared to a car) and silence of a bike gives a different view of the world than traveling in a car.

What do you want from your cycling?

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freedom... getting out and exploring..

testing myself against the elements

fitness/a buzz from exercise 


What do I want from cycling ?......its about what I dont want......the extra 10 kilogram if I dont cycle.......

Don't know about that...doesn't muscle weigh more?

True though, keeps us fit...

What do I want from cycling?

Everything. The whole package. I want it all. That's why I have lots of different bikes, and no car. (Except when we hire the latest model Commodore once a year to do some long distance driving)

Cycling is not an enigma - it is humans who are the enigma.

Am I an enigma? Or is it those people who are physically capable of using bikes, but choose not to, who are the enigma?

For me it's the most enjoyable method of keeping fit that I currently partake in. I can do gentle or hard exercise, all on the same ride. Rationlising the benefits may be counterproductive!

Cycling is my anti depressant, love the endorphin feeling on a "high"


That's very true for me along with most forms of exercise but recently I have been craving the competition and that is what I am working my way towards.

Finding lost youth.

Cycling  could be used to help save the environment but some cyclists drive for an hour to go for a ride ;)

wow interesting question that certainly makes one reflect. what do i want??? it started out as a personal challenge to do the TDU ride... then it was about weight loss....then about strava =-) now it is about the pure enjoyment of cycling. the wind, the speed, the hills ohhh the hills! the pure elation when conquering a climb, the making of new friends and connecting with old ones. For me it is helping me battle my own black dog because it give me a much needed outlet.

In a word, FUN.


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