I've been doing a good little loop recently, when I've not had time to go on longer rides (or it's been hot all day and I've wimped out till evening). It's about 17k's with 380m of climbing, and I'm doing it in about 45 minutes (4, 5 times now), so 23-24 k's an hour.  

What's the best way to pick up the pace, given time constraints?  


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Break the hill into sections (300-500m) and power those as fast as possible - probably 30-50% faster than your average for the whole climb, rest when get to the point you start slowing down, and repeat. As you get stronger you'll find you can go further and further, Don't do this more than 2-3 times a week. I do a similar loop which lends itself well to this type of excercise as the grade is constant and not too steep


Thanks, sounds like a pretty good plan. 

Hi Sam.Increasing your conditioning etc can take time. Assuming you are on a road bike try:

1. A bigger gear. ie a gear that is harder to push, but faster, during some of the ride.

2. Doing your 'hill' more than once.

3. Extending your ride by 5 to 10 k's, but riding at the same average.

Try to 'finish' your ride strongly.

I am no expert rider, but a keen amateur and have been riding on and off for 30 years.

Good luck with your riding and improvements  

Thanks Ian, it's a ride with 2 main hills; up pound/knotts hill and church/woods hill or alternatively up lobethal to Ashton, and Burdetts road. 

Might have to look at extending the ride a bit too.

Thanks :) 

your overall fitness will play a part with hill climbing and your arobic fitness even more, try to put in short out of the saddle efforts until you run out of puff then steady spinning until you recover,repete this as many times as you feel up too,dont try to pull too big a gear until you get stronger or your knees will let you know about it.good luck

Thanks Colin, it sounds like I need to be getting up out of the saddle more from the advice I'm getting. 

Watch and more importantly feel your cadence - rev high, run a gear hard... oh yeah - breath ;-P

Certainly - stand up!

Ride up woods hill road off coach house rd off Norton Summit Rd.

Any hill after that is a piece of fruit lol!

Basically to get better up hills make sure your carb, hydration and sleep needs are met each day. Make sure you have good gearing. (I can ride 9:01 up Corkscrew but still ride a compact crank).

Make sure you hit climbs at low HR so you have enough punch for the last 500m.

Agreed, heart rate spikes when you get up out of the saddle up a hill, and once it's up around 90-95% max, the only thing you can do to continue riding safely is slow down. Most of my riding is through Adelaide hills, and I always wear a heart monitor. Through monitoring heart rate, I have been able to assess where I can put more effort in and when I need to "take a chill pill" - I know it's not easy for someone who loves a hard climb! But my times (for a similar distance ride with more climbing) are coming down with persistent efforts in riding, and improvements to diet.

HAHA! I agree, that road is a killer.

what's your groupset  on your bike?

It's a standard 105 groupset


MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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