It looks very much like a vote is called for to settle the name of the group.

After looking through the voluminous thread that is the 'Jersey Discussion' there are four names to vote on. Please note I have picked these on the feedback received both in person and on the thread mentioned above :

  1. Southern Suburbs Road Cyclists
  2. Southern Spinners
  3. Muddies
  4. Southern Cranks


Each name will have its own thread within this discussion.

All you have to do is reply with '+1' to the name that you like the most.

Only the 78 people that are currently members of SSRC can vote.

There is one vote each.

The name with the most votes gets the Jersey!

The discussion will close next FRIDAY, 10th February 2012 at 5pm.

Please limit your responses to '+1' only, no further discussion is required on this thread.

In the case of a tie there will be a second 'tie-breaker' vote with only the tied names to be considered.

The reason for this vote is essentially to agree on what is going to go onto a group jersey and as it has been  identified as a desired item for this group.

PM me if you have any issues with this.



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Southern Spinners






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