Hello all, Michelle, Trent, Matt B and I have all been working to come up with a Muddies Jersey. We have narrowed it down to three variants of the same design. Anticipated cost for the Jersey is around $30~$35 each , they will be similar in construction to the GW Jerseys.

The three Jersey's are 

Note : The Logo on the RH arm will be the new AC logo. This has not yet been released.

Please vote for your favourite Jersey

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Larger versions of the individual jerseys are attached


Im tossing up between 2 & 3. If I had to choose though, I choose 3 probably because I like black.


There is no point putting "adelaidecyclists.com" on it as that does not go to the website! It has to be "www.adelaidecyclists.com "!

With the correct wording I vote for #3

I vote #3


Don't start that debate Matt!!

No 3

i will abstain .

After consultation with the Baroness, we both agree that 2 is a NO

Out of 1 & 3, 1 gets it by a narrow vote. with +1 for Steve's comment re wording

#1 for me ( green & gold ) aussie pride but get rid of the "L" sorry

Ive done a Julia...Im voting  #1


MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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