Here's a new look at Vision Zero from my friends at Transportation Alternatives in NYC.…/wrap-up-vision-zero-for-ci…/11-19-2014
Much better than the wimpy "all care and no responsibiliity" version we have here in Australia.

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Design Forgiving Streets

Design streets in such a way that mistakes made by street users are less likely to result in serious injuries or fatalities.

... like that idea, pretty commonsensical.

Australian authorities talk about 'forgiving systems' but concentrate on vehicle occupants. Otherwise there would be physically separated bike lanes on urban arterial roads.
Draft SA Road Safety Strategy 2020 – Towards Zero Together
May 2011
This approach adopts a holistic view of the road transport system and the interaction between people, vehicles and the road environment. It recognises that people will always make mistakes and poor choices, and may always have road crashes, but seeks to ensure that those actions do not result in a fatality or serious injury. The Safe System approach to road safety is built on several key principles:
>> Human Factors – no matter how well we are trained and educated about responsible road use, people make mistakes, and the road transport system needs to accommodate this.
>> Human Frailty – the finite capacity of the human body to withstand physical force before a serious injury or fatality can be expected is a core system design consideration.
>> Forgiving Systems – roads that we travel on, vehicles we travel in, speeds we travel at, and communities we live in, need to be more forgiving of human error.
>> Shared Responsibility – everyone has a responsibility to use the road safely and organisations, businesses and communities have a responsibility to design, manage and encourage safe use of the road transport system.


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