Unley Cycle path between King William Rd and Goodwood Rd... night use.

Last night was the first night I have had to ride home in the dark since beginning my commuting by bike and I took my usual route down King William Rd and turned right onto the bike path, not realising that there is NO lighting down that path. It was like riding into a tunnel with fuzzy edges and only the light of my small bike light to see by. It certainly slowed me down!

We need to talk to Unley Council and to the State Govt about getting some money put into this bike path to keep it up to date.

There are loose pavers and overgrown trees/bushes all the way along. It really is in a poor state of repair.

Comments? Suggestions? Other routes to take between the city and Mitchell Park at night?

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I totally agree, It's worse in winter when it gets dark earlier! Anyone know the best way to put forward this idea?
This does sound like something that we can put to the Bicycle Institute of SA to formulate a case to put to the council and/ or State govt. I will raise it with them.
Sounds like a good plan. At the LEAST it needs permanent lighting all the way from King William Rd to Goodwood Rd, but I am sure there is more that can be done for our safety. Thanks.
I fully support any action to make the path safer at night. Let me know how I can help.
Try raising it with the BUG (Bicycle User Group) for Unley and Mitcham. They lobby those councils for improvements to cycling infrastructure:

Are there BUG's for all council areas in SA?
Check the BISA website, I think all the current BUGS are listed there with contact numbers
Thanks Clive.
Google is your friend.... from: http://publicspace.planning.sa.gov.au/index.cfm?objectid=467B8FA5-F...:
"Lighting will be installed for the Goodwood Road to King William Road section currently known as the ‘West Unley Commuter Route’ (WUCR). "
Hey Gemma,
Thanks for pointing us to the info on the proposed path lighting - I guess the next thing would be to follow up with the City of Unley as to the ETA on the lighting!
THanks for this info Gemma. I was able to make contact with Matt at Planning SA and to get a contact from there (Charles Mountain) at Unley Council.

I have sent him the following e-mail requesting information (to info@unley.sa.gov.au):

"Hi Charles

I am a member of the Adelaide Cyclists web group and one of the topics
we have been discussing (following a hairy trip I made after dark one
evening last week) is the West Unley Commuter Route and the lack of
lighting along that track.

It has come to our attention that the Unley Council received funding
for lighting to be installed along this vital commuter route mid way
through last year from Planning SA, but we are yet to see any work
commence along the path.

The question has been asked: when will this be happening?

So I am putting this to you (as the contact provided by Matt at
Planning SA) for clarification.

This issue has specific ramifications for me as I currently work at
Norwood and live at Mitchell Park and use this route daily. When
daylight hours are reduced in current months, I will need to change my
route, which will probably see me bypassing Unley Council altogether
and stopping at shops etc outside of your council area.

Thank you for your time.

Please be aware that your response will be posted to a public forum
for discussion and comment. "

I have only had an automated reply at this stage, but I will let you all know when I do get a reply from Mr Mountain.

Hi Andrew (& other posters)

Thanks for taking up this issue on the behalf of all cyclists.

I use this path everyday as part of my daily commute (oakden to clarence gardens). In the winter months it can be dark along this path plus the added bonus of some overhanging trees and uneven pavers!

I look forward to seeing the response from the Unley Council.




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