Torrens LInear Path - Bicycle underpass at Hindmarsh, South Rd - re-opening DEC 15th after 6 months

The bicycle / pedestrian underpass of South Rd at Hindmarsh (alongside the Hindmarsh cemetery - see pic) has been closed since early June.  Signage at the site initially said it would be closed "for four months".  This was later amended to indicate that it would be re-opened in "mid-November."

I inquired this week why it had not been re-opened and received this reply from the "Torrens to Torrens Alliance"

While the Linear Path Trail under South Road is not ready to be opened, we are currently investigating different options for pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross South Road. There is no simple solution, hence the amount of time it is taking. The current options being investigated include installing a temporary structure under South Road to take pedestrians and cyclists around our works (the old wooden deck no longer exists). The other option is a crossing at-grade of South Road, however due to the bend in South Road at this location the line of sight for vehicles does not meet Australian Standards. The signs will be changed to reflect the final outcome.

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The underpass under South Road was open a little bit ahead of schedule this morning & the path leading to and from it has been swept clean. There's some temporary fencing on the western side as you go through the underpass so its currently narrower than normal - I'm not sure that 2 bikes with flat bar handlebars will be able to pass without touching (was always a close thing anyway)

Yeah, I rode the Linear Park to the beach yesterday and found the path open. Still a bit of a construction site with signs asking cyclists to dismount but I was glad to not be forced onto the roads.

My wife & I went to the beach yesterday too and in coming back to the city, on the Nth Side of the river, I headed past the turn off /bridge to the shopping centre. It was my wife who stopped us and got us back on track to Dan Murphy's. I was wondering all day whether that route had been open previously.

Can also say that Adelaide cyclists are now +1 as my wife hasn't ridden for a long time but took to it well and will continue.

Great to finally have it back after 6 months

Now we just have the beach thing blocking the path in the city. Thanks ACC.

Easy to go round on the right side, even on 28mm slick tyres. I even saw a mountainbike go through that side at speed. Or just slow down for the 10m.


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