Torrens LInear Path - Bicycle underpass at Hindmarsh, South Rd - re-opening DEC 15th after 6 months

The bicycle / pedestrian underpass of South Rd at Hindmarsh (alongside the Hindmarsh cemetery - see pic) has been closed since early June.  Signage at the site initially said it would be closed "for four months".  This was later amended to indicate that it would be re-opened in "mid-November."

I inquired this week why it had not been re-opened and received this reply from the "Torrens to Torrens Alliance"

While the Linear Path Trail under South Road is not ready to be opened, we are currently investigating different options for pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross South Road. There is no simple solution, hence the amount of time it is taking. The current options being investigated include installing a temporary structure under South Road to take pedestrians and cyclists around our works (the old wooden deck no longer exists). The other option is a crossing at-grade of South Road, however due to the bend in South Road at this location the line of sight for vehicles does not meet Australian Standards. The signs will be changed to reflect the final outcome.

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Reading between the lines it looks like it won't be ready for at least another 6 months :(

I have emailed them back asking why we have been falsely told, for months, that it would be back before now.  I am finding it hard to believe that the engineers are only now thinking of what they might do.  Don't they have plans and drawings before starting work on projects?

Judging by the way the Park Tce railway underpass has been originally planned, first executed, rescheduled etc. I'd guess they have lots of plans, in a pile behind the fridge. The trouble I suspect is that in reality Adelaide is just a small country town and supply lines are thin. Things happen when they are good and ready, not before.

Afraid that all sounds pretty unacceptable. Must be a pile of walkers, runners as well as cyclists fed up with the closure. Maybe Linear Park users claim it’s their turn and request South Rd close for five months while they have their own dedicated crossing at grade :-)
Realistically DPTI could use a pair of very large diameter Pipes, (one for each direction) up to 3 metre poly is available (see or possibly use corrugated steel culvert which is readily available. These could be hung under the bridge, suspended a bit like the Gardiners Creek Trail is under the freeway in Melbourne.
Erecting these twin tunnels under the bridge should be realtively quick and they could be temporary or permanent. The cost of doing this would be a tiny pittance relative to what has & will be spent on South Road

Unfortunately I dont think you could fit a poly tunnel under the bridge anymore - the under-bridge area on the western side of South Rd has been partly filled in with rubble and a road/ford (temporary I hope) has been built from bank to bank so that trucks & excavators can cross the river easily. 

All sounds a worry Mark. Certainly hope & would expect the infill & ford is temporary. Is the bridge structure complete? Have all the excavations that the machinery was required for been completed? Hopefully their last job can be removal of the ford & rubble left there leaving the way clear for the linear path to be reinstated.

Hopefully it is temporary - not just for the sake of linear path, but if there's a repeat of last years flooding the infill could cause problems - there are only a couple of 2m diameter culverts at the base for river flow. It's quite hard to see the worksite clearly, but best as I could tell last time I went past there are concrete pylons in place but no bridge deck, so it seems very unlikely to me that the work will be finished soon.

Thanks very much for the update Mark. I didn’t realize completion was so far away. Do agree, two of 2m diam culverts are not going to pass a Torrens flood, they certainly have some issues to resolve promptly.

yep, got stuck there when I first moved to ADL a while back & started cycle exploring. Haven't been West for  a while now, and this confirms I won't be going West for a while yet. My current default is N-ADL along Linear Park & Gorge Rd to Paracombe.

Well at least there will be lighting on the path up to that point, some time in the future.

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Excellent. I was one of the 171 who voted for that!    Lighting, perhaps, all the way up until the path ends, just before it hits South Rd.

I went past today and the signs still haven't been changed - falsely promising the path will be re-opened mid-November


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