Election: Tim Hein standing for re-election in The Park Ward, Mitcham

I ride with the THOP guys, and am a big supporter of cycling.

I have been the Elected Councillor for The Park Ward in Mitcham Council for the past 2 years, and am standing again in the current election.

In that time, I've fought for and won a new Blackwood Masterplan.

I'll continue to fight to ensure Glenalta, Hawthorndene, Belair and surrounding suburbs are not forgotten by Mitcham Council, and to ensure that the Blackwood and Belair townships receive much-needed improvements to services and infrastructure.

I'll also work to protect the Mitcham Hills from bushfire risk, reduce council rates, revitalise Blackwood, and protect our environment and open spaces.

I'm a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I have the skills and background to get the best from Council for the Mitcham Hills.

Do watch out for the postal ballot on Monday 20th October, and consider me with your vote!

Or drop me an email with any questions: tim.hein@flinders.edu.au


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Join AC group Vote For Cyclists and introduce yourself to cycling electors.

So what are you specifically wanting to do or are actively doing to increase the modal share of bike riding and walking in your area?  Things like reducing shortcutting, segregating roadway users along major routes, improving the Grange/Sussex Tce intersection and properly treating Sussex Tce for segregated infrastructure to make it into an important bike link, creating similar significant routes to the schools in the council area, lobbying for a better routes to and from the Blackwood/Belair area down the hill towards Mitcham and towards Marion.  Lobbying for separated bike facilities and bridges over the new St Rd Freeway zone.  Installing proper separated bike infrastructure down Shepherds Hill Rd to the hospital and uni, similarly down Ayliffes Rd for similar reasons.  Lobbying for a bike route parallel to the train line down the hill (best gradient route and picks up Eden Hills Primary) and initiating proper school routes for primary school aged children.

C'mon, we all look forward to what our candidates have the intestinal fortitude to put in their campaigns.

Hi Ian, 

I voted in support of fully funding the Mitcham Trails, for use by cyclists. 

I voted in support of a motion for Mitcham apply to be a start or finish location for the Tour Down Under.

I am very willing to have the ideas you suggested above explored, and would happily move a motion for them to be looked at, with feasibility studies. 

Trails:- Good.  MTB riders would love to have more trails.

TDU:- MEH!  Spend your money and effort in your local area to build a legacy of infrastructure rather than a one day flash in the pan.  Evidence shows that the UCI events such as these don't increase the cycling levels of the general populous.

A suggestion: invite known vendors/reps of e-bikes and e-bike equipment to do regular weekend or Thursday/Friday sessions at the shopping centres.  Maybe get the council to purchase 5 - 10 good quality e-bikes that can be booked for 24 hour trials.  Make sure they are fitted with baskets or racks for shopping.  I know that recumbent or upright trikes with e-assist could also prove to be of an interest.  E-bikes help to flatten out the hills.

The other thing is to invest in wayfinding signage when you have a bicycle route worked out.

So Tim, speaking as a person who actually lives in the Mitcham Hills, what have you actually done that warrants me voting to return you?

A master plan? Please, how about something real instead of just a talkfest!

I'm sure the trails are nice for the hardcore MTB crowd, but what about the rest of us?

Voting in support of a TDU stage? Easy when there was no risk of the Mitcham bid actually being high enough to get a stage.

Show me the money!

Hi Dave M, 

I assume you are speaking about matters which are specifically regarding cycling?

One example, is I raised the matter of the unhelpful amount of tree foliage and bark on the roads in the hills, which was a real difficulty for cyclists. This led to an investigation that our contracted firm was not sufficiently performing, and a review quadrupled the level of cleanup on the hills roads.  

I am consistently fighting for the prioritisation of footpath and road improvements in the hills.

I'm happy to consider further concerns put to me by cyclists, if you have some?


Hello Wujim, 

I can empathise with your comments, however I'd be interested to hear what solutions you might to remove gradients? 

I'm not going to speak hot air - I don't have all the answers, but I am willing to hear possible solutions, and you can be sure I will vote on council for matters that a cycle-friendly! Not everyone will do that. 


Hello Tm

To see for yourself would be the best option. Make sure your brakes are in perfect order and then ride the track down to Lynton Station. The train will take you back to Belair. On the way down, contemplate the terror of being on a ridiculously steep slope faced by a right angle bend at the bottom. Have a look around and admire all the empty space that could have been used by the original path builders to fit in a couple more switchbacks. Then you'll understand the issues that cyclists have with the path.



A veloway with switchbacks would make a more rideable route, and the current alignment could be reserved for pedestrian use. Just two switchbacks would allow the grade to be brought down below the 7% maximum for ramps under the Disability Discrimination Act, even down to below 5% if the eastern switchback was pushed further away.

When suburban rail to Belair is eventually converted to trams and abandoned beyond Mitcham (it's inevitable, electrification is impossible with the ARTC standard gauge alongside and the 2015 introduction of Tier IV emission standards will exclude the possibility of future new build diesel railcars) the broad gauge side of the rail corridor could be converted to a veloway between Mitcham and Bellevue Heights.


Better supervision of contractors is good, but in my opinion stuff like that should be handled in-house. Doing that stuff in-house would allow the workers to be accountable to their line manager, and the council would be able to make sure they are paid properly and treated with dignity in the workplace - who knows what corners the contractors are cutting in that area to maximise returns to the shareholders? 

How many council meetings did you miss while you were on your speaking tour in the USA recently?

You're trying to win votes on here, a cycling forum, and for a person whose day job is working at a college of leadership I think it's rather fair to expect that you already have some idea of how you want to lead in that area.

I have this challenge for you - do without your car for a week. Park it at my place on a Sunday night and pick it up the next Sunday. See how you go attempting to do your shopping, go to work and so on using your bike and public transport.

But since you need help to start leading, here's one suggestion: fix Blackwood. With the Britannia roundabout having been fixed up, this is now the state's worst roundabout, and needs to be replaced with a signalled intersection. We don't need consultations and studies and master plans (the last 15 years have seen lots of those, with the only result a lot of hot air and some tinkering around with speed limits), we need action. 

Hi Dave M, 

I do actually ride to work from time to time, so thanks for the affirmation. It has become more difficult since I drop the children at school these days. So the car is essential I'm afraid. 

Glad you mentioned fixing Blackwood, as the proposer of the successful bid to generate a new MasterPlan for Blackwood, I am proud of my focus on this issue. I'm afraid you won;t get action without a plan in the real world.  

I missed just one meeting whilst in the US for work, but if you looked through the records you would see that I am one of the best attenders not only at Council Meetings but a Briefings also. 



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