What are the things that suck about crashing?

I've grabbed a few things from a site called Winnipeg Cycling Chick (http://winnipegcyclechick.com/a-humerus-thing-happened-on-the-morni...)  and thrown a few others in myself.  Anything to add?

  • The street-illegal narcotics they give you at the hospital are pretty great, but have the unfortunate side effect of making it impossible to poop for a week. On the upside, being constipated is a a good distraction from your other, more serious injuries.
  • Further to that, a combination of opioids and liquor will not make you into the next Oscar Wilde or Ernest Hemingway. It will just make you sleepy.
  • Chances are you wrecked your bike just enough to have to replace a bunch of broken parts, but not enough to get a whole new bike.
  • Watching your social media feeds, which are populated mostly by bike people who are out riding and racing and training and travelling, is irritating and depressing.
  • For the next little while your Strava activities will flatline.
  • If they had to cut your jersey off your body at the hospital, it was probably your favorite jersey.
  • Everything hurts like fuck.
  • Private Healthcare insurance has huge gaps
  • Being dependant on other people to get around
  • Not getting out with the ride group and enjoying their company during and post ride
  • Feeling your fitness ebb away and knowing that your return is going to be painful
  • Loss of confidence on the road
  • Day time tv, although Netflix and other streaming services can relive that frustration 
  • Haggling with your insurance company

Depending on the extent and location of your injuries, your day-to-day activities are sure to be effected, maybe adding the following to the impossible list:

  • any form of personal grooming or hygiene
  • putting on pants undergarments or anything with buttons and clasps
  • holding a pen, pencil, or lipstick.
  • doing anything remotely useful around the house. 

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Being blamed for the crash if there were no witnesses and you can't remember what actually happened:(

Being forced to stay in hospital overnight for observation because you live alone and there is no-one to keep an eye on you.

Being forced to submit to drug and alcohol testing when you don't drink or take illicit drugs (ie presumed to be at fault for the crash).

Yeah, taking blood when they could do something non invasive and no risk first...Hmm, say like a saliva swab & breatho?

Exiting the RAH after treatment in ER (e.g. stitched face) with bruises, cuts and blood on white blouse. Taxi driver waiting outside the RAH does not want your business. So you walk to a bus stop and keep on walking home while keyed up on adrenaline, and yet to feel the months of pain from a back injury.

Three injury-crashes where the drivers at fault (noted in official records) but drivers not fined. Do authorities convey the impression that it is OK to hit and injure cyclists?

Oh, gee. I hope you're recovered now. That's horrible. Mine was 3 weeks ago today and I fear the shoulder pain will last for some time yet.

I really hope the culture of blaming cyclists changes at some point.


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