Police are warning people to be vigilant following a spate of bike thefts across the city over the past seven weeks.

More than 40 bikes have been stolen from the city and North Adelaide since the start of November, three from King William Rd and two from Rundle Mall.

Police are receiving reports of up to 10 bikes being stolen each week – about seven more than usual – and pawned to second-hand dealers.

Eastern Adelaide Crime Prevention Section acting manager Peter Winter said thieves had used bolt-cutters to steal some of the bikes, which were tied to racks, fences and poles.

Police expected to charge at least six people with theft and would continue to monitor the Rundle Mall / King William St area.

From City North Messenger of 21-Dec-2011 on page 3.

Similar story at http://city-messenger.whereilive.com.au/news/story/warning-over-spate-of-bike-thefts/

Warning over spate of bike thefts, Crime by Alice Higgins, 15-Dec-2011

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So they cut the cable ?  Nasty.  I've got a setup a bit like that although I am using a motorbike cable into a Kryptonite bolt into the floor of the shed and the shed is locked but not very well.

What a crappy start to Christmas !

had a kryptonite lock in the past and the North Tce cutters still attempted to snip it a fare few times. had to replace it - figured if they kept at it eventually the inner cable would give in. .. they are the worst kind of criminals, Desperate and pathetic. 

police recommend locking up bikes, even when inside a locked house.    quite a few unlocked bikes are stolen from locked homes.   hint if you have a valuable bike.

I paid $80 for one of my bikes.

The amount it would cost to replace some bikes makes me think you would want insurance.

Or check that your household insurance would cover such losses.

creepy people that would do that...

My housemate and i woke on the 16th (Dec) to a empty Garage. Mine was locked through front wheel to frame with a Knog. Quite shocked that a heavy bike like mine wedged between a car, fence and gate made it in to greasy scum hands. Not only was it in our garage but they were directly under my bedroom with a large window.

Adleast we had time to walk to work. I couldn't imagine how horrible it would feel if you lived an hour or so walk out of town and found nothing but your cut bike chain. 

Just moved in so we have no home and contents insurance either.

I can only hope they do try to pawn them in, so we can get them back or catch the thieves. Absolutely heart breaking.

Sorry to hear that story.  Definately keep an eye on the usual pawn shops, apparently it can take a couple of months to actually appear on the shop floor.  And dont rely on the pawn shop to keep an eye out for you...

Just got a 1 am phone call from a rough sounding lady wanting to know how much she could get for the reward. Said she bought in a Elizabeth park for $150 and put a photo on Facebook, then said someone had seen the advert and recognized the bike.

Stating she paid $150 in a Elizabeth park for it, My theory is she needed her next fix. gum-tree already has a advert for my missing beauty. Have done the pawnshop Call through this week, police report is done. now i just have to hope this woman with the story will return it.

Fingers crossed 

Tell the police about the woman and phone call, and ask for their advice. Either she bought a 'hot' bike; is a hoax trying to get money out of you; or is associated with the thief.

Off topic but keep an eye out for my neighbour Phil's medals


Check community noticeboards for bikes for sale, in case one is advertising "your" bike for sale. This month saw 2 adverts on the one notice board. (Got me wondering if $125 is cheap for a MTB in near new condition, aluminium with full suspension. However, no mention of brand.)

Check out the AC group 'Stolen Adelaide bikes' for more tips, and details of bikes reported stolen by AC members in 2011.


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