I have been scanning the media look for the reports of cyclists traveling at 60km/h along footpaths without a bell, killing and maiming the blind and elderly, but in spite of my best efforts, I cannot find any reports of these predicted events occurring in South Australia today. Nor indeed can I find any reports of the head on collisions resulting from drivers crossing the double white line to pass a cyclist. Maybe I am just not looking at the right sites.  What are other peoples experiences of day one of the new laws?

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ACT, QLD and TAS permitted riding on footpaths before SA. Has the sky fallen there?

I've been thinking about the sky falling and I'm not convinced the Acro props aren't still needed.

Some people still haven't got over the 50kph speed limit in suburban areas.

And we wont mention seat belts...

Nope. Perhaps... perhaps the media has invented and exaggerated such claims in order to promote fear and hatred towards cyclists? Nah, that can't be it.

Are you suggesting Robert that all the articles are just click bait for advertising?

That all the discussion is being actively encouraged just to push up the page views on struggling media outlets?

I'm shattered that our proud defenders of democracy could be thought so crass as to sell cyclists out for commercial interests

I don't know about struggling media outlets but in the Adelaide Now Cory Wingard is quoted totally misrepresenting the changes to the regulations-

“South Australians have expressed major concerns with cyclists being able to ride unrestricted on footpaths and asking motorists to cross double white lines to pass cyclists. We are going to undertake the consultation that the Weatherill Labor Government should have done.”

I don't know about anyone else but I can't see how you can "ride unrestricted" on a footpath when the law makes it pretty clear that a cyclist must give way to ALL pedestrians on footpaths and I don't see any law "asking" motorists to drive unsafely. Also, I can recall a lot in the media about the "new laws" proposed for at least 6 months.

It seems to me that

"We are going to undertake the consultation that the Weatherill Labor Government should have done"

translates to

"We are going to make provocative statements in the media and read the comments"

In other news it has been noticed that dentists have been racking the big $ in - apparently due to broken crowns and such due to the gnashing of teeth by the anti-cycling brigade.

The dental association, whilst happy for the extra income, requests that knickers do not need to be knotted.


I haven't noticed more cyclists on footpaths.  Pedestrians continue to walk blindly onto the road.  


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