bmc has gone from one of the best to the worst kit, it looks like they're wearing blue superman jocks pulled up to their waist.  

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They didnt break the "black knicks only" rule, but thats still not right.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I don't find men in G-strings attractive

Looks OK to me, it's just a design to be a little different to the herd.

Just saw them on SBS, the blue vee was truncated.

There's a bigger context to this.

BMC (the bike company) is not renewing their sponsorship of BMC Racing Team which expires at the end of this year, and is switching to Team Dimension Data for next year.

Jim Ochowicz (team manager) has failed to find a major sponsor to replace BMC. This shouldn't actually be a surprise, the team has an annual budget around €35,000,000 (second highest) but last achieved a podium position in a major tour in 2013. Since then, Team Sunweb and Movistar Team (combined budget of about €28M) have achieved three wins and nine other podium finishes.

The next option for Ochowicz is to try getting a current minor sponsor to step up, so the kit has been redesigned to give more space to current minor sponsors.

There won't be much of a team left to save, as all of the top riders have lined up deals with other teams. Richie Porte will be riding for Trek next year. 

To me the blue looks very much like a part of the Dimension Data logo.

Perhaps its a tongue in cheek dig at BMC (the bike company) for moving over to Team Dimension Data.

I will leave which cheek up to your own interpretation.


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