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Shortly after this picture got taken, they walked a long way backwards off a short pier festooned with warning signs, got stung by poisonous jellyfish then munched on by crocodiles and got flown home in body bags. All because they didn't get safety.


No one is calling for jail. But yes, any cyclist who takes a selfie of herself while riding on the road deserves a fine.

None of the offences endangered themselves or anyone else, so I'd say they're minor. Altough they had the potential to do harm and that is the whole point of stopping them.

They were just asking to be pulled over! Any cop in ADL would know there's a 'No right turn' sign at that intersection on King William. Anyone who even jaywalks knows not to do it right in front of a police vehicle (sitting in the opposite lane at the red light). From there it was just a matter of adding up every other infringement.

The more laws, the more criminals. It’s a simple axiom.

What you really mean is that any Australian cyclist who takes a selfie while riding anywhere (park or road no difference in most states) in Australia deserves to be fined up to $476.

Of course, unless they did it in the Northern Territory or overseas where no such asinine laws exist and where heaven forbid the above photo might even be used to promote tourism rather than in Australia where it is used to illicit moral indignation from an outraged Australian public.

Did you notice before the cyclists obviously breached road rules, the police ignored the driver and car incorrectly in the bus lane?

This month I caught a bus in Grenfell St, to pick up my repaired bike. In another AC post, I told how I counted 18 vehicles incorrectly in the bus lane. Frustrated bus drivers sounded horns but the cars stayed in the bus lane. A bus driver realised I did not usually catch that bus and was very helpful. He saw my bike helmet and noted I was collecting my bike. I thanked the bus driver, commented on the car drivers, and said I would report it to the police. The police said they were too busy to target cars in the bus lane (which is legally used by cyclists).

Back of the jerseys say "Lawless" :o)

"Terrible cyclists" (hey I didn't choose the title to this discussion)

Michael, this is especially for you... 'comments' have now been elevated to 'article'

Can't read the article - but that is Graham Cornes of Glenelg Tigers and Graham Corne's Used Cars fame isn't it? He is an all round idol of the Adelaide bogans so I imagine the content is bilge.

try typing the title into google, and find the link, usually that helps. Or, if you use Chrome as a browser, download a copy of "click&clean" available from then open up the link in 'incognito tab' and all should be revealed.

But yes it was Cornes and like a wrote; what usually goes into the comments is now elevated to article. I'd not call it bilge, that would do it too much honour!


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