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Well they did break a number of laws. A talking to by the police (rather than fines) was a good outcome.

Of course a better outcome would have been a brief on road rules before setting out.

TDU teams are given briefing notes on this sort of stuff when they arrive. 

The thing I'm most disappointed about was that the cops didn't rib the Brits about the Ashes result.

Well the organisers will need to rethink how they do it, because the briefings weren't very effective.

The first briefing should probably include something that makes pro international cyclists aware of the generally negative perception around cycling in Australia, and that doing dumb things like what we got to see in the video does nothing to make Australians think positively about cyclists.

A 20" penalty to each rider's time on stage 1 of the race could focus a few minds. Relatively minor offences in terms of the law but certainly ones that should be addressed by the administration of the sport. 

The same could be applied to the Dimension Data rider caught hanging onto the car on the Aldgate-Strathalbyn road. 

Second officer mentions the group 'cutting between cars and buses' at 6.36 I presume he's talking about when they were filtering stationary traffic?

It looks to me like they are cutting in front of the black car at 0:44, passing between it and the bus. There's empty space in front of that car so presumably it wants to move forward, but can't because of the bicycles cutting in front of it.

But anyway, there are a number of other offences which are beyond dispute.

My point is that it isn't 'cutting up' it is legal filtering surely?

I don't think so. Filtering is when the traffic is banked up and can't move. But traffic wasn't banked up: that black car had lots of space in front of it, and it sure looks like it would move forward if there weren't cyclists cutting in front of it.

Or to put it another way: when a vehicle is able to move forward, another vehicle can't legally cut in front of it.

I liked the phone getting slipped back into the jersey pocket as the police car pulled alongside.  I guess the police didn't see that.  Lots of comments over on youtube.  

Not a good look.

"I can use my phone safely, that rule is for those other people who can't" is how every driver using their phone in the car justifies it. 

Bloody terrible isn't it? Like the pictured hardened criminals above, Team Sky deserve the full weight of the law brought to bear - a bit of jail time might sort them out.


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