Looking for a flashing tail light for daytime riding on country roads , one that can be seen from a distance and that will last all day  4 to 6 hours . Is there such a thing  ?

Any suggestions please .

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OK Pete, if you really want to be seen by following drivers during the day time on country roads - short of putting half a dozen Dual-Eyes on the back of your bike or getting an 8-LED NightFlux RedZone - I'd recommend a NightLightning 'AftaBlaasta'. I have the very(!) much toned-down 7.4V version (only has 3 x Power LEDs) and it still boots out the lumen-equivalent of about 3 or 4 watts of searing red light in 3 levels of steady brightness and a choice of about 15 different and extreme visually upsetting/arresting flashing patterns. I rather unsociably demonstrated it to a meeting of bike types last night and they all groaned and practiced their 'duck and cover' when I started to cycle through the flash options!

There's no such thing as 'too bright' when you are out on those lonely roads...



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