Looking for a flashing tail light for daytime riding on country roads , one that can be seen from a distance and that will last all day  4 to 6 hours . Is there such a thing  ?

Any suggestions please .

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I'm sure bicycle network have done one already. I'll see if I can find a libk
Winter 16 edition if their mag. Moon mask. Cygolite dart 200. Serfas raider usl-5
Scrap that, that was front lights
Rear top visibility was moon shield. Serfas guardian and then either of ES FLARE or ES Beacon next

Was that for day time or just overall? Most lights are ok at night but very few are effective during the day.

the tioga duel eyes rates well in tests and is one of the cheaper ones.  mine seems to pack a punch

If you want daylight visibility and don't have +$100 to spend, I'd second the 'dual eyes' design. It was first available as a Tioga branded light a decade or so ago and may still be around as such. You can otherwise buy it as an 'Azur' from a seller here in Australia or from Pushys and similar shops. It's dirt cheap (often under $10) and very, very bright. Buy several and plant them over the back of your bike, using them one at a time.

If you have money to spend there are a handful of long-lasting options that are very bright & can be adjusted (turned up and down) according to conditions and use - NightFlux (local), DesignShine & Dinotte come to mind. All can be made to last for many hours.


Thanks for all your help guys . I have a Tioga Dual eyes , great light , very bright . Have just bought 2 Smartlight 1 watt Superflash tail lights from Pushys. I already had plenty of AAA rechargeable batteries so thought I'd stay with this . Both of the above lights are very bright for daytime riding are simple  and run "forever". 

Believe Garmin Varia RTL500 Rearview radar is a very good taillight and the radar function is essential for country roads. It pairs with a head unit which can be a Garmin Edge GPS or a a Garmin Varia Head Unit. It warns you with a beep when a vehicle approaches from behind (when 100 metres or more behind), it beeps again as the car is almost up to you plus shows graphically on the head unit progress of the car towards you. It allows you to ride on the road (out of the rubbish on the edge of the road) and move over each time a car moves up behind you. Further the radar's taillight flashes brighter when a vehicle is coming up behind you.
See https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2015/07/garmins-varia-radar-lights.html
Expensive at around $220 but well worth every cent.

The $20 Aldi/Netti fluro Jersey is pretty good. Possibly more visible than any daytime light. :-)

I use the cycliq fly6(v) it is bright and good for daytime and gives me some peace, if I get hit from behind, I might not be alive to identify who hit me but the video will be my revenge.  Sad but true possibility.

I don't consider 30 lumen anywhere near sufficient for day time riding.


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