Support for the Pioneer Womens Trail (PWT) in Burnside.

Some of you might have already played this video ( ) - I hope you enjoyed it. I'm getting alot of good feedback and thought I should use this support for good not evil!! So....

This video was created to tell the story of cycling along the Pioneer Women's Trail between Glynburn road and the old freeway. The PWT trail provides great access to the Adelaide Hills for MTB riders, yet is not considered a legitimate trail for MTB's. There is "noise" that we are not welcome here, but sharing trails is the only way forward for an ever growing Adelaide. To stop people enjoying this stunning trail would be an injustice.

If you like this video and support the idea of a shared use trail via this route then hit "like" and leave a comment of support (or a comment of support here). Your thoughts are important to us - GoRide.

Shot in location on the Pioneer Women's Trail, Burnside, South Australia.

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There are a number of start points to access this section of PWT. The main entry point is at the top of Glynburn rd/Dashwood rd in the Brock Reserve (a small park). Follow your nose up along the path for some amazing views of Adelaide. It then extends up further via the Bullock track until it gets to the old freeway just above the old Eagle Hill pub. Then you can do a few laps of Eagle MTB Park - hence the importance of this PWT trail, it gives us great access to the EMP all off road.

It should be noted that the PWT goes alot further than this Burnside section, but it is walkers only. I'm not advocating we ride every walking trail in Adelaide, just the ones that lend themselves to shared use.

Another great vid Slammin enjoyed the cool sounds too.  Is this really all PWT?  Whatever you have inspired me to get the MTB dusted off again...Well done


My two cents - you reap what you sow - being freindly and thinking of other users goes a long way out on the trails regardless of legality or signage.

Not all PWT, some trails very close though that come up via the burbs called the mines trail. Other than that its all PWT.


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