I'm new to AC, does anyone know of any social groups that ride around the Golden Grove/Tea Tree Gully area on Sundays?

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Yes, I agree, always better to avoid the suburbs if possible and left turns also the way to go. Sounds good so far, I like the team work :)

+1, the team work on this has been great and hope its a sign of good things to come. If we continue this way we can establish a great cycling community in the NE burbs! 

+1, well done and i hope to be there on the 1st Ride.
GW are an awsome group to ride with but, with work it just makes it had. But as for a sunday i'm more than happy to get out. Always better with a group than yourself.

On possibility later on -- Once up ansteys hill go on through past the Golf Course and down into Inglewood and back through Houghton then back up Range Roads Sth and Nth. Great little 20km loop if i remember. Done it once but havent had a chance to get back.

Thanks,if you haven't done Range Rd its a great ride(in either direction),cheers.


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