I'm new to AC, does anyone know of any social groups that ride around the Golden Grove/Tea Tree Gully area on Sundays?

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There was talk the bike shop in Golden Grove Shops (name escapes me) was going to establish a group ride on Sunday mornings along the lines of Megabike but I don't know if it ever happened.

Hi Gemma

I had trouble finding a ride that suited me so I started one of my own.

best thing I ever did.

Just go to events, add a time and date invite freinds and hope for the best .

Good luck

THeres a ride out of Birdwood on Sundays, look on other discussions for "Mishmash" I't's only half an hour by car and i suspect that there would a couple of riders starting from Gumeracha.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions :-)

Hi Gemma,

I'm at Hope Valley and with nothing much happening around that area, have been on rides with CVSA (starting at Kensington Gdns) and driven out for Gawler Wheelers (there's another chap from Highbury travels out for Gawler Wheelers also).  I reckon there would be some interesting routes up around GG etc.

Would be great to join a group ride closer to the doorstep so +1 for GG/TTG area rides !

Hi everyone on this post.It seems we are all of similar ilk here.Instead of heading to CVSA (St Peters Girls School),Birdwood,Mawson Lakes or Gawler - which are all good rides,here's a chance for us to start a ride group in the immediate area.Considering the quality and quantity of possible hills/flat rides we could conjure up due to our geographic location - this could be an ideal opportunity.

So yes,add me as an interested party too.

I'm new here too, I live in Mawson Lakes and would be keen to get some rides in in the GG area, there are some good hills and wide shoulders up that way:)

Cool... looks like we have some interest for starting our own group ride, excellent!

The next two Sunday's are unfortunately out for me, however I'd be dead keen on getting something going after that. So, if I could ask all interested to have a think about routes (I'll do the same as well) and I'll make up an 'event' and see how we go. I'm a bit of a 'lone rider' so the only group ride I have done to date is the last Amy's ride - so if we have someone with some group ride experience that would also be great (also probably a good idea if we borrow GW's group ride rules).

Will keep you posted :-)


I live out that way.  I often ride up Anstey Hill, then Paracombe Road, Range Road North, Seaview Road, One Tree Hill Road then back onto Golden Grove Road.

If you want to make it a bit longer you can go down Torrens Road, left on Gorge Road, then back through Chain of Ponds.

I'm also at Mawson Lakes and struggle for "local" undulating/hilly routes.  After TDU its quite obvious there are some great flat (with only the occasional pin and nail) roads to the East of GG.

Can I suggest, firstly, some thought goes into coffee - quality, cyclist friendly, open...

Secondly, might I suggest to post some fav routes?

Was thinking of the exact same Cafe - plenty of food/drinks/delish choccy milkshakes/car parking and central to most people by the look of things :)

But is the coffee any good?!?  ;-)


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