Had a cynical laugh to myself on the way into work this morning. As i was riding through the park near South Tce in the city i passed a lady riding a hybrid with a wicker basket on the front. As i approached her i noticed she wasnt wearing a helmet (not overly strange) but as i passed her i saw she had it sitting in the basked on the front of her bike! As i rode away with a strange sort of despair i was stopped a red light on south tce at the end of the bike path. i was there for a minute or two and saw her approaching the intersection, she proceed to take the helmet out (while still riding) and put it on here head! i just sat there stunned and to add to it she just rode straight across the pedestrian crossing when the lights turned orange (she had PLENTY of time to stop and didnt check for any turning cars).

i am continually dumbfounded and saddened by a lot of the stuff i see while i am out riding.

What stupid things have you seen?

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Someone would have appreciated recycling a free chain saw.

to power a mountain bike!

Oh no!

This one is less stupid and more hilarious. I was driving stopped on Osmond Tce, turning right onto the Parade. An old guy whom I can only describe as Gandalf in short shorts was on his bike in front of the bakery, stopped at the lights. Circling above him was his pet sulfur crested cockatoo. As the lights changed the the old guy set off on his bike, the cocky flew down and landed on the handle bars and sat there as the guy headed up the parade. 

Funniest thing I've seen in ages.

I have seen the same pair on The Parade, the man cycling and the parrot on his shoulder. One way to be 'seen' by drivers?

Oh no... The helmet argument rears its ugly head...

I was driving on a local street near home, coming up to a blind bend to the right.  Saw a guy with no helmet, on a mountain bike riding one handed on the wrong side of the road into the blind bend. He was holding a plastic shopping bag back over his shoulder with the other hand.  Predictably, a car came round the bend at the same time as we did.  Fortunately for the rider (I won't call him a cyclist!) I had moved as far left as I could and then jumped on the brakes when I saw the other car.  The other car managed to dodge him by heading onto my side of the road. Stupid *&% idiot rider!

While the stupidity of this one is likely to be well argued, I'm continuously amazed that cyclists ride up and down Waterfall Gully Rd during the peak times of the morning on weekends and public holidays.  There are LOADS of other roads to choose from, why hold up the mobs of unpredictable, already disgruntled-and-searching-desperately-for-carparks traffic on a very narrow, windy and really not nicely surfaced road?  It's pure maddness up there in a car, why risk yourself on a bike?

The food place at Waterfall Gully was run by cyclists years ago. Do not know if they are still there.

They are retired from the restaurant, and still cycling, with CPG and ATC.

I should add that I'm all for riding that stretch at times when it's not mobbed by the cars of people who are hitting the walking trails, but weekend mornings and public holiday mornings is nothing short of daft in my opinion.

We rode up there this morning after a cruise in the hills. It was absolute chaos!
Cars were parked all over the place nearly the entire length of WG road. At the car park there was a traffic jam out the gate, noone could move. We almost had to get off and walk our bikes as there was no room. Great to see its popular, but probably a bit too much now, not enjoyable at all riding up there and most people dont know how to drive or overtake.
The sticker lickers were up there handing out heaps of tickets too, people parked in no standing zones everywhere.
Lots of fashionable looking people warming up in the car park too. Some interesting sites for sure.


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