Last Saturday morning there was an open day to view plans for the Southern Expressway Duplication. In the end I spent about 2 hours talking to different people and looking at the plans.

Over the next year and a half the duplication will have a big impact on cyclist using the Veloway and the Coast to Vines Trail. The finished result will mean better infrastructure for cyclist. But in the interim, cyclist I believe, are in for a hellish time.

I spoke to one of the spokespersons, a keen cyclist, and mentioned to him my concerns how the duplication will impact on cyclist and how they should keep the cycling public up to date on closures and diversions. I have since found out that AC and BISA are both forums they are looking at.

I will give you a basic outline of how the duplication will impact on cyclist.

In Darlington the current shared use path on the western side of the expressway will be removed and be used as the off ramp for cars to exit onto Marion Rd. Sound proof walls up to 4 metres will be build as a divider between the current houses and the new off ramp. The current Veloway north of Secombe Rd will become a shared use path. This will affect about 300-400 metres of the current Veloway. Certainly not an ideal set up as cyclist travel at high speed on the decent.

Bridge extensions will possibly effect cyclist by causing closures and deviations. From May to November they will be working jointly on every second bridge. For example Darlington, miss Majors, Lander, miss Young St etc all the way along. Glenthorn Path bridge just south of Majors Rd will be removed completely.

Where the Coast to Vines trail goes through the tunnel to Panalatinga Rd, a fly over on the side of the new bridge will be built for cyclists. On Majors Rd emergency vehicles will now have an on ramp that will cut over the Veloway heading south. The Veloway at Beach Rd will have some interesting twists and turns.

One thing I was really pleased about was the proposed leisure trail the full length of the Expressway on the western side. A rubble surface. I was told that a lot of the dirt tracks they are making along side the extension for access will be come part of the trail.

So cyclist, if your a regular user of the Veloway and Coast to Vines trail be prepared for some interruptions over the next 18 months.

For more detail about cyclist and pedestrian detours please call the project information line 1300 626 097, or email Additional Project information can also be found at  

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welcome back -they gave that presentation to the bug-yep bit of pain for eventual gain ,pedro

its going to impact some of those strava segments :D

there will be a whole range of new ones!  =-)

I went along Thursday evening, Trevor's done a good summary.  On the uptrack at the start, they will be doing small series of blasting on the rockface over time to break that up.  With building new ramps necessary, some of these intersections don't appear to have a semi-convenient reroute possibility - so we'll see what transpires.

Here is the latest info that came in my mail box yesterday. I have downloaded a copy from off their website.

Thanks for the heads up

That'll make my commute to work 'interesting' I go under all those bridges, I wonder what detours/crap on the veloway awaits me next time I do the trip.

Here's the link to the pdf for those that want it:

Wow!  It takes a long time to work on a bridge.

The stakeholder's meeting (ie bicycle interest group reps) was cancelled last night due to illness and will be rescheduled next week. Any info I get I will be passing on but this discussion is pretty much covering it all.

Does anyone have contact number to ring them, On Saturday when we travelling towards the Beach Rd exit flags had been put up at about waiste hight, We only saw them at the last minute and stopped rather quickly, If the could erect signs that would be nice and we could have took the Elizabeth Rd exit instead

Wayne try 1300 626 097 that is on the bottom of the flyer above.


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