There at sunrise, waiting for the gates to open!

Finally, after a number of false starts the Outer Harbor Greenway's Bicycle & Pedestrian Overpass at South Road is now open for business. Wendy and her T2T colleagues were on hand for this morning's low-key 'ribbon-cutting'. Actually it was just a snipping of the zip-ties holding the gate closed - there will be a more formal opening with the Transport Minister at a later date!

Wendy (L) and the T2T crew. Yep - it's a 'go slow' detour, in place while folk are still working on the railing, lights etc... There may be a few instances when bike riders are asked to briefly dismount and walk over coming weeks as the railings are installed but essentially it's now fully accessible between the western entrance kerb ramp at Day Trc (just off Queen St) and the long eastern ramp down to Coglin St!

Here are a few pics from the day:

Unfortunately the commemorative budget did not extend to champagne, but despite the early hour Giulio from WestsideBUG brought along some tasty nibbles!

Getting out of bed early conferred 'first over' honours!

#1 - looking pleased with myself! (photo by T2T).

Cyclist #2 looked pleased with himself too!

Bicyclista #3 looked ever-so-slightly bleary-eyed - but even happier!

Rider #4 gets the over-the-top 'eager-cheeriest' prize!

Giulio gives the bridge a go - the Engineer's critical gaze!

The first pedestrian to use the new bridge - 'Congratulations Sir!'
Bicyclista #6. As Rob says at the WestsideBUG f/b Group - 'It's a game-changer!')

Mark was #7 and first to arrive from the East (city-side). Top of the Bridge appears well-lit if slightly 'prison yard-like' (times we live in it seems...)

Yes - the fences are tall - but it feels OK. Good lighting it seems!

Better up here than down there though!

Centre are the 6-lane 'lowered roadways' (not yet open). Bridge deck appears to be checker-plate steel and non-slip.

The long ramp descends to the east, all the way to Coglin and then West Street.

Eastern ramp with the West Street pedestrian crossing in the distance.

There's also a nice 'dog-leg' ramp on the eastern side down to McInnes Street (this pic taken before today's opening - the kerb ramp is now installed and complete).

McInnes Street access ramp.

Nice access-ramp at West Street. The West Street railway crossing is behind me.

Access ramp at the West Street rail crossing.

West Street railway crossing.

The path from the West Street access ramp and rail crossing up to the Chief Street Bridge is still closed because the pathway beyond(through to East Street) is yet to be built!

Pathway West to Chief Street Bridge (and East Street)

Thirteen years of waiting - yep, we're happy!

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Canned dummies. :)
Silly to pay for petrol and car parking, when better ways to commute to the CBD?

Definition of a pedestrian: A motorist who has found a car parking space.
Then I realised why some pedestrians seem anti-cyclist.

Dave - maybe you would be so kind as to have a sign or something that says - "gets upset easily" so I know to be careful!

Adam, I wondered if some people are inconsiderate road users, whether protected by one-tonne of car or on foot.

Dave, I wrote some pedestrians, not all. I will spare you my examples of inconsiderate pedestrians on bike lanes, bike paths and a bikeway, before most cyclists permitted to ride on SA footpaths.

Ross, thanks.

Incidentally last month I took the time to write a report of pedestrian-unfriendly items, and the council has suggested we meet to discuss further.

I regularly ride out to Outer Harbour on Sunday morning and then come back along the Coast Park Bikeway. I always ring my bell, pass on the left, slow right down if situations are complicated in any way and often say 'good morning'. Over the past few years since the pathway has been open and become more popular I've noticed the development of quite a strong and consistent shared culture of consideration and mutual respect demonstrated by all of those I encounter. The occasional exceptions will always seem to disprove things of course but I have a strong sense that it's setting a positive example in life that makes a difference. In a sense pedestrians - especially those in the city walking without the benefits of shared pathways etc - probably feel at the bottom of the heap. That's why I reckon we should talk much more about 'active transport' and bring pedestrians into the tent! My 2 cents worth... 

I give courtesy to motorists where it is due (most of the time) but if someone is parking in an active bike lane it's a problem and a serious danger.

Love the long haul with the bafang mid drive. Oh and the bridge is pretty cool too.

I'm ashamed I haven't followed this story but as the Linear park is closed for a while under South Rd I've investigated the Outer Harbour Greenway and very impressed so far. Well done to those involved.

A nice view looking East


Nice to hear from you Rod! The 'long bike' is a Big Dummy - one of the first series. It's a nice bike though getting a bit heavy for ageing and less mobile legs! The Greenway is slowly coming together. Each stage reached reveals a further set of prospective goals - it's the work of a generation or two I think...

The motor is there to help our old legs. BBSHD?

Time to lose that chainring though. Maybe a Lekkie blingring for Xmas.

It's a BBS-something Rod. Strictly 250watt of course! I actually have something better than a Lekkie - an adapter for a regular chainring which I'll install when I have time. The Lekkie's chainline compensation is unnecessary when your chain-span's over a metre long! Mmm - yes - 'old legs'...

Of course. Mine too ;-)

Yes it looks like a BBSHD from the size and the chainring. 400 gram instant weight loss when you lose the discus.

Here's one I prepared earlier on e-bikes.

Given some unfortunate expectations being aired around the place I just thought one more post might be warranted to clarify the context in which the South Road Overpass is now navigable. It's actually only been informally opened up by it's constructors, the Torrens2Torrens Project consortium. The Greenway itself has not been declared 'open' and indeed, there's still quite a bit of work to be completed, principally on the pathway between Chief Street and East Street. 

When PortBUG & WestsideBUG met with Torrens Junction Project staff and a DPTI rep back in May or June it was made clear that further work on the Greenway was contingent on:
- need for many(!) decisions regarding a wide range of conservation and demolition matters (involving multi
ple buildings and other structures) on the old gasworks/Retort House site through which the Greenway must pass
- conservation of a rail siding immediately adjacent to the 'curtain' wall on East Street and the southern end of the Retort House
- completion of extensive contaminant remediation processes.

I was told at the time that completion of all of these matters would likely take many months and could extend into next year!

Over the last 2 days I have caught up with more specific information from RenewalSA at the links below:
Demolition Update:
Remediation Update:
Heritage Update:

The Demolition Update in particular makes it pretty clear that there is a clear intention to provide Greenway access through the site. In fact I was told by DPTI today that the short bluestone curtain wall on East Street (across the proposed path of the Greenway) will be demolished and that work may have already begun!

I think it's important that we understand that scale of this overall project and remain realistic in our expectations (I've certainly had to temper my own):

  • the recent & informal ‘opening' of the South Road Overpass did not constitute the ‘opening’ of the Greenway per se
  • ‘completion' of the OHGreenway itself is still a long way off and its opening is likely many months away - in fact I suspect that we'll be lucky to see it this 2018-19 financial year!


All good points Dave! After talking to a key DPTI officer yesterday it appears that decisions have already been made with demolition and planning permissions already in place to carry the OHG path through the Retort House site along the southern edge. I got the sense that the likely long delay involved will simply be due to the complexities involved - heritage conservation, selective demolition, site decontamination, commercial processes and schedules etc. The Greenway is just one 'public' project in a complex of otherwise entirely commercial processes.

Fortunately, I didn't get any sense that there's any 'xxxx-heritage' or 'xxxx-pushbikes' involved. The developers and planners are quite clear that they see the Greenway as a convenient way of ensuring 'sustainable transport access' for new residents. If you think about this it gives the planners stronger licence for minimising allocation of space to roads and car parking (pretty sound profit motive) while also offering a more positive argument for the 'sustainable living' angle which has been a prominent feature of the Bowden Redevelopment's advertising.

With regard to the Bianco/foundry site at Kilkenny, the CCS have assured both BUGs that their long-term aim is to ensure a direct pathway for the Greenway along the rail reserve boundary. This will probably have to await the redevelopment of this industrial site. At present there is a narrow and overgrown footpath along this route but it would need widening by 2-2.5 metres to accomodate the Greenway...



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