So new traffic lanes heading south have just been opened north of Ayliffe's Road intersection. It appears that cyclists are to be squeezed into the gutter before either heading to Darlington or up Shepherds Hill road. Please tell me this is only temporary ...     And if someone could get the image right side up I'd appreciate it.

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Wow, with all that space between the footpath and the road, surely something more could be done. At a minimum, a ramp up onto the footpath would be better than nothing. But there should easily be room for the bike lane to continue straight ahead into Shepherds Hill Road.

I can see that it is problematic how to safely continue on South Road (veering right) - I'd probably want to do a hook turn - but that's no excuse for not making it safe for going left or straight ahead.

It makes me wonder what level of consultation, if any, was made with bicycle groups.

I had a look at the Darlington Upgrade visualisation video - it shows that bare patch of ground as a cycle path extending from Brookman Avenue to Ayliffe's Road - so there's hope yet. Interestingly the video seems to indicate no cycle lane heading south on South Road north of Brookman Avenue - I wonder if this means using the backstreets or the footpath?

The 2017 project plan shows shared paths on both sides including the bridge over the expressway exit. There is an underpass at the Sturt River bridge that had been reopened a little while ago to link the two sides of South Rd. The Ayliffes Rd area isn't well defined on the plan.

Some traffic switches are happening this weekend to allow for Tonsley Boulevard bridge works.

And a better bike plan here.


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