I've been doing a bit of a search around for alternatives to Garmin Connect & Garmin Training Centre and wonder what others might be using and recommend?





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quite cheap to buy the full version, but quite usable in free/demo form :)



Have a look at ride with gps.
yes also would like to hear what is out there besides Garmin Connect

I had a look at both SportTracks and Ride with GPS.  


Whilst both look good, they use the GPS speed data (which can give odd readings at times) rather than that from your speed sensor (if you have one).


From my research, I believe that an option to use the speed sensor data may be added in the future to Sporttracks, but it is by no means definite.


I've been using Sporttracks in its various versions for almost 3 years. Mostly I really like it, with two reservations:

  1. If you want to include weather data you will need to use a 3rd party plug-in because the Sporttracks built-in weather tends to give odd results. Others have reported it to be fine, but my experience has not been good.
  2. Since upgrading from my (now broken) Garmin 305 to the newer 500, I can't automatically import from my device. The only way is to open the Garmin 500 as a drive and import the files. Might be fixed soon with a Sporttracks update though.

Overall though, I highly recommend Sporttracks.

Strava? Is that new? Not heard of it....

Well it was new 6 years ago!! 

Nice thread dredge :-)


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