This afternoon while participating in the weekly Tuesday SOB ride i had an unusual near-miss, on the return leg to Gawler from Port Waikfield. I was dropped ( due to my poor fittness at the moment ) by the main group as we left Woma RD, aprox half way back to Curtis RD I heard an unusual noise coming from the expressway, I looked to my left and to my suprise a run away 6x4 trailer with two canoe's came hurtling off of the embankment directly at me, thankfuly is was able to avoid it and it slammed into the fence on the opposite side of the SOB behind me. Not an event you think you are going to encounter while riding on a purpose built bike way 20m or so away from the expressway !

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makes you wonder what happened to the safety chains?

So lucky Shane! Thank goodness you were alert enough to look up and do what ever was needed to avoid serious injury. Well done. And yes, where were those safety chains? Probably hanging loose because someone forgot to attach them!

Glad you missed the hazard. A message to cyclists to be alert, including for strange noises, and to expect the unexpected.

Thats not good Juddy glad your ok. Did you speak to the owners or just rode on?

Hope doesnt put you off the ride was good to have a few more new ones today.

just as well your ipod was turned down!

Did anyone stop for the canoes?

"Up shit creek without a paddle"

Glad to here your OK Shane. 

... and there I was thinking that the worse thing about the SOB was the puncture fairies jumping out in front of us all the time...

Have you reported the near miss ?

as I rode off trying to stop my head from spinning and clean the crap from my nic's a bloke was running across the road, I guess to try and retrieve his trailer.

No didnt report it, I didnt even git that a thought.

Ive always wondered what would happen there if a car left the road because the express way is quite a bit higher than the SOB in that area ?  No I know !

Glad you're ok.

The fact that the unusual noise alerted you is a warning to all of us, that listening to music while cycling is risky.  Sometimes a strange noise approaching is the only warning you get!

I've seen Final Destination 1-5... I'm not riding anywhere near you... :P

holy shit!  we waited for you for a while at the Gawler end and concluded you must have turned off.  Glad you're ok!!

is there damage to the fence along the path?

not sure as I didnt hang around but the trailer was still moving rather quick when it hit it !


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