Interesting video on tyre sealants

Stan's no tubes

I have not used this product and eventually the belts in the tyre must be compromised.

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love this comment

has that guy been to prison? he's pretty handy with a shiv

Impressive though!

Been using it on my mtbs for years. It is the biz, ZERO flat tyres not a bad record. Cant wait to use it on the cx bike.

Here's a picture from today of Chaddy's CX bike after riding near Bower Road/Old Port Road park.  Check out the number of 3-corner jacks in those tyres!  He uses Stans NoTubes to keep the air in.... 

My bikes looks similar to this when I wheel them from my trailer to my garage! man I hate turning up to lessons with punctures - 'ok kids here's how you do a tube repair!'

Hopefully they have road bike version XD

As I understand you can use it on tubed tyres.

If you have presta valves I don't know how easy to remove they are.

I saw the product at Bernie Jones Cycles.

I think it was $11.00 per tyre for the magic goo that goes in the tube.

Like many products it is a lot cheaper than it used to be.

How did the fancy link get in the bottom of my post and does uploading other peoples content conform with the terms of service?

You can buy Presta tubes with removable cores. The Vittoria ones are removable I think. This allows you to put in the Stans no tubes, been meaning to try it out.

....if you dont like flats.....ride hills :)

perhaps you should move to Switzerland lots of hill there

Hope he's got some sealant in his hands  - if he missed with that stick-pin it's hurt more than changing a tube.


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