This is the first Sharrow that Ive seen inside a roundabout entrance.
@ACC this is a very positive step forward for all road users safety. Well Done.

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About time! Good job ACC. Have had a few near misses at that very roundabout, in the past.

How about naming the location?

This would be the Finniss Street roundabout in North Adelaide.

Pertinent to name location for all cyclists.
Thought it was Finniss St, where it becomes Mackinnon Pde, and intersects with Jenningham St and Mackinnon Pde.
Today I checked the site. Interesting how bicycle lane and sharrow only on east-west route but not north-south.

i think that might be because the east-west route is the main thoroughfare for cyclists. Also Finniss Street has only recently completed it's resurfacing and even more recently had it's road markings done.

North south route is lined with angled car parks and tend to be quieter or wider roads. maybe the wider roads means less need for a cycle lane?

I find that Finniss St is often used by Rat Runners, so cautious driving is not a common trait on that road.

A sharing the road reminder is a welcomed sight.

I rode the Rugby-Porter bike route this afternoon following a detour into the city on my way home. There are similar fresh sharrows on both Rugby St entrances to the Rugby/Edmund roundabout.

There are also a bunch of the little hand drawn markings along Rugby St that show more sharrows are to be properly painted soon, and all in the correct position well away from the door zone.

Well done City of Unley!

yes i think Unley Council is doing a great job. 

I've always wondered what these things actually do to improve safety? or are they just intended to be navigational?

I often see them painted on the road, but they're not always in places with any cycle friendly improvements. 

Ive always thought this one on Cromer Parade is a good example, cyclists can pull to the right to enter the bikeway and cars always back off and allow it to happen.

Also this skinny lane was always a fight for space with cars, I even had soccer mums going around the corner on the wrong side of the road just because that would not dare wait for a cyclist. Now (after sharrows) I can safely ride over the bike signs and cars always wait.

I think the idea is that they are navigational, but they also improve safety by letting car drivers know that this is a regular cycling route. 


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