I was interested to hear on the radio this morning that SAPOL were going to start their first ever Traffic Thursday!

To quote their posting:

Police will have an eagle eye out for motorists failing to keep left on multi-lane roads. Keeping left is essential to the safe, efficient flow of traffic.

You would have to question if this is the most pressing issue on our roads at the minute.

On the way home tonight I was on the corner of Bartels Road and Dequetteville Terrace, on the parklands side waiting to cross with the pedestrian lights (on my bike to link up with the parklands trails).

Lights on Dequetteville Tce go green, walk light goes green, turn arrow from Dequetteville Tce stays red. I was half way across the road when a car decided that he had enough time to not only ignore the red arrow but also get across the three lanes of traffic heading north on Dequetteville Tce that had a green light.

This car wasn't late running a red arrow. It had already stopped for a considerable time at the red arrow before deciding it couldn't wait any longer. I'm glad that SAPOL were all out on the highway looking for those who don't keep left!

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Being charitable I was thinking they were starting with something easy, a sop to the self entitled car drivers, to get them onside, before coming in hard with some real safety stuff next month.

The acting officer in charge of the SA Police Traffic Support Branch, Inspector Ben Spencer, said preliminary data from yesterday’s blitz shows 226 motorists were detected in breach of the keep left road rule, with 19 drivers issued with expiation notices – at a cost of $252 plus a $60 victims of crime levy – and 207 let off with a caution.

Busy day ..... I wonder what the 19 drivers who were issued with expiation notices were doing that was so much worse than the other 207.

Given that the expiation/caution ratio is lower for women than men there were possibly 19 arseholes being arsey



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