I'm contemplating putting some roof mounted bike racks on my little hatchback.  Am wondering for those that have them: are there any tips or tricks you've employed to avoid low-clearance "incidents"?

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Ouch, I have a Yakima Front loader and you do need to remember the bike is there. I usually dont have a problem remembering, however the other day the boss drove me home , I distinctly said "dont forget the bike is up there", as she zoomed up the driveway I coughed politely. She then stopped very quickly, looked at me and said "what?" with an innocent look on her face......... 

The thought of destroying the beloved through an innocent act of forgetfulness freaks me out a little...

Maybe all I need is a copy of that pic on the dash??

For home I thought maybe a strategically placed mirror in the garage?

Oh Darren, I love that.  "The  Beloved ", how special.  I must rename my bike...

Yeah, though would only work for the garage.  I've heard of people hitting overhead signs and underground carparks and such.  There's a 2006 patent for a radar-based roof rack collision avoidance system that I gather would be more like the reversing sensors on many new cars...

I heard of someone who collected a low hanging tree branch while heading out to one of the Grand Slams one year... that spooks me.  Anyone know of this story?  I haven't a clue if it's true or not, just had someone mention to me a while back.

I do know a lot of the 'tree lined avenues' near my work would be a disaster zone for roof mounted bikes.

I don't really have many options on the little hatchback.  The spoiler on the hatch won't allow a boot mount carrier.

Ah, bummer.  I've got a little Corolla hatch but she has a tow bar so if I ever get to the point of needing a bike carrier, I'll look at one of those 'non-hang' tow ball mounted carriers (Like >>THIS but I'll be on a much tighter budget)

My little Corolla hatch happily carries an Arc Easy Rack.  Easy on, easy off.  Nice and strong.  No trees to worry about, no low-slung bridges.  However, the thought of a rear ender terrifies me whenever I have to transport him.

We got a roof rack on our excell and never had any trouble running into things. The good thing about hatchbacks is that even if you put bikes on top they're barely taller than some 4wd's and vans!

I have read of people making a habit of putting the bin in the driveway in front of the garage when they leave.  It doesn't help when you are out and about though.  People also talk of stickers on the front dash etc or locking the remote in the boot or chucking it onto the back seat. 

That electronic system is pretty flash. But still no good if you nip into the Woolies underground carpark.


I know someone who drove into their carport with a very expensive bike on top -the repairs were worth more than some cars are worth-so have a look up sticker on the back of your  visor and leave it down when bike on top,pedro


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