I'm contemplating putting some roof mounted bike racks on my little hatchback.  Am wondering for those that have them: are there any tips or tricks you've employed to avoid low-clearance "incidents"?

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I think I'd be shitting myself everytime I drove through the hills to a Grand Slam or similar, some of those trees seem to hang really low. I have a hatch mounted carrier on my Hyundai Excell and have had no problems, have even used it on a Nissan Micra but remove 1 wheel for that one to prevent overhang.

IO have also fitted it to my wife's Hyudai Accent which has a spoiler and no problem.

The best trick I have seen is hang a dangly thing on your rear view, or the wrap paper around your garage remote control and secure with a rubber band or the like to remind yourself.

The only time we have had an indident is when the carport roller door was up already as I was doing gardening, and husband drove my track bike through as I watched in horror!  Lucky we have rail mounted roof racks rather than the new car bolt on style, so they sort of slid backwards, not much damage done (the nose of saddle did punch a hole through the fibro above the door).  Lucky he was going slow.

Well I'm about to get a pair of roofy bike carriers this week, fingers crossed I never have any epic garage and supermarket carpark fails!!!

I have an X-Trail, and the bike always goes inside. Some years ago, I saw a magnetic device that was placed on the bonnet in front of the driver. Wind pressure held a small flap down, until the car slowed allowing the spring loaded flap to pop up, and expose a sign - - BIKE on ROOF !


Terry, novel idea. My suggestion for your home carport is to attach a tennis ball (or sign) on a string, and let it hang down at the entrance when you have your bike on board. A reminder when the ball touches the windscreen.

Heather, I have never actually had need to put the bike on the roof. My present car, an X-Trail will take a number of bikes inside, and previous car was a dual cab ute. When buying a vehicle, having room for bikes is a major deciding factor in the decision. Being a mature age single bloke makes these decisions easier !

My little hatch has a spoiler over the hatch window which precludes using anything but roof racks - pose value was never sought nor considered, options are just very limited.  I currently get the bike in the back with the rear seat folded down, but its fairly impractical if I want to take young daughter somewhere to ride.  Looks like most of those that have them have some system for reminding themselves... thanks for the advice!

I used to stick a long UHF ariel on the front of my car that was higher than the bike so at least you get some warning. A poll with a flag from a 4wd shop would do the trick.


I have a name at home with a roof rack company that specialises in roof racks for bikes! When I find the name and the card i will forward onto you and you wont have this happening.

It allows two bike racks either side so that the car/4wd take two bikes and are strongly secured in for the bike rider!



This might be obvious, but mounting the rail for the bike on the right hand side of the roof rack can help avoid some roadside trees when you park without thinking. Many roof rack installers think that you'd prefer the non-road side of the car.


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